Trailer feature: Fliegl ASW 271 Gigant

Farm Trader takes a closer look at the Fliegl ASW 271 Gigant, an all-purpose trailer designed to deal with a wide range of produce

Research suggests that up to 40% of a tractor’s time is spent on haulage duties, meaning that over the years, farm trailers have evolved from single axle units with four-tonne capacity to the goliaths of today, equipped with two or three axles and capacities of 18 or 20 tonnes.

The Fliegl ASW 271 Gigant

In the case of the latter, sheer size means they are likely to impose huge loads on the tractor, have tipping restrictions in areas of low headroom, and the likelihood of high oil take-out requirements caused by needing to fill large hydraulic cylinders when tipping. More recently, smarter operators are seeing the benefits of compactor/push-off trailers, offering benefits of higher capacity and quicker safer discharge.

In the case of haulage specialists Fliegl, who first introduced this concept in 1999, the Fliegl ASW 271 Gigant is a great example of an all-purpose trailer designed to deal with a wide range of produce, including grass and maize silage, potatoes, manure, compost, woodchips, and gravel.

The trailer is built around a substantial ladder-frame chassis

Built around a substantial ladder-frame chassis, the trailer is mounted on the company’s Gigant Plus trailing arm suspension system. This, in turn, is mounted on rubber bushings to offer maintenance-free operation, the ability to deal with high axle loads, high speeds, and maximum stability.

The trailer incorporates Fiegl’s two-stage push-off system that sees a moveable front wall initially compressing the load or discharging when the rear door is opened. Load compression allows the operator to move the nominal load of 35 cubic metres rearwards and effectively increase that volume to that of a 56 cubic metre body, using a minimal take out of only 21litres. Material is contained in the body of the trailer by using angled polyurethane sealing strips, with a life expectancy of five to 10 years.

Once filled, the trailer can be typically emptied in around 40 to 50 seconds, depending on the material, while maintaining a low centre of gravity, ease of access, and discharge in limited headroom and up to 60% more volume than a standard trailer.

ASW trailers can be customised to make them multi-purpose within an operation

With a maximum load capacity and a tare weight of 6900kg, the novel layout only requires a tractor of around 160hp. An added bonus of mechanical axle adjustment allows optimal weight distribution. Moving the axle assembly rearwards places more weight on the tractor, so improves traction in field conditions, while the reverse makes for a more comfortable ride during haulage at high speeds.

Measuring 7.1 metres long, 2.28 metres wide, and two metres high, standard equipment includes 300mm high removable silage extensions, a 500mm folding side panel, and an 800mm deep, hydraulic rear door.

Axle equipment is a BPW 410 x 210mm, with a fixed forward axle and a rear steering unit to help reduce scuffing. Tyre equipment is 560-60 R22.5 flotations, with the trailer hitched to the tractor via a hydraulically suspended drawbar and a 50mm swivel eye coupling. For operators looking to customise their trailers, options include 650-65R26.5 or 710-50 R26.6 tyres, which can help reduce compaction and deliver a more comfortable ride.

The Gigant has a maximum load capacity and a tare weight of 6900kg

Compared to trailer units equipped with walking floor installations, more commonly used in road haulage trailers, the platform height of the ASW series typically sits around 20 to 30mm lower, delivering a lower centre of gravity and increased stability on sloping land and at discharge.

Additionally, ASW trailers can be customised to make them multi-purpose within an operation. With the installation of an optional mechanical driveline, running under the centre of the trailer, this also includes options such as 400 or 500mm diameter discharge augers, capable of discharging materials such as grain, fertiliser, or seeds at up to 10 tonnes per hour.

Meanwhile, those looking to handle manures, composts, or limes can specify the Profi V2, V2n, or Tiger rear spreading assemblies, with a twin vertical beater/disc layout, easily attached or detached in around 30 minutes.

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