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The Fliegl range of muck spreaders, trailers and slurry tankers are available in New Zealand thanks to a partnership with Power Farming

Fliegl’s range of trailers, muck spreaders, and slurry tankers are now available in NZ through Power Farming

Power Farming has created a partnership with Fliegl Agrartechnik of Germany, resulting in the recent arrival of Fliegl’s high-quality range of trailers, muck spreaders, and slurry tankers in New Zealand that is available for demonstration from Power Farming.

Graeme Leigh, Power Farming’s machinery general manager, says that Power Farming considered entering this segment of the market 10 years ago, but milk prices dropped and it was not the right time to enter the effluent and trailer market.

“Since then, farming in New Zealand has changed,” he says. “Farm waste has become an industry in its own right, and farmers have yet more (effluent management) targets to meet. The Fliegl range provides innovative and versatile solutions to help farmers meet the mounting demands.”

New Zealand’s agricultural trailer market has seen unexpected development since the increased uptake of high-speed, high-horsepower tractors. Trailers now provide a realistic alternative to trucks, offering greater flexibility with the added benefit of reducing soil compaction as they can run on large tyres.

The Fliegl range of slurry tankers paired with spreading technology makes for impressive results

Fliegl currently has a small footprint in New Zealand with Power Farming Canterbury selling a few machines. During a cold winter open evening at the Christchurch branch, Steve Murray, a North Canterbury contractor, introduced Graeme Leigh to Fliegl’s ASW Push Trailer. Steve explained why the concept of a push system with the option of changing the rear of the trailer from a standard back door to a muck spreader or grain auger door was of great value to him. Impressed, Graeme phoned Fliegl that evening.

Fliegl’s ASW trailer’s robust and unique push system is built into the trailer. It works perfectly with heavy or lighter loads. It enables up to five times faster unloading and, through compression of the load, up to 60% more volume can be carried depending on the material. The trailer maintains greater stability than a tip loader because of the low centre of gravity when transporting and unloading. The push system technology runs throughout the Fliegl range. 

Fliegl’s range of vacuum tank slurry tankers varies from 8000 to 27,500L

The ADS muck spreading units include Fliegl’s proven push-off technology, ensuring the material can be fed evenly into the spreading unit. The loading area is virtually clean when spreading is complete. In addition, the underfloor remains clean, unlike the conventional scraper floors. As an option, the ADS spreader can be retrofitted with a heavy-duty back door to convert the spreader for use as a transport trailer. The ADS muck spreader is fully galvanised and available from 10- to 20-tonne capacity. 

Fliegl offers a full range of vacuum tank slurry tankers from 8000 to 27,500 litres with GPS options, proof of placement, basic splash plates, a trailing slurry shoe, and direct injection. Fliegl is the number-one selling slurry tanker in the German effluent market and is well established in Europe.  

“Fliegl, like Power Farming, is a family-owned company and are a perfect fit for us,” says Graeme. Their wealth of history, the R & D behind their expansive range, and their record for excellent support leads us to be excited about the next step of getting their machines out on demonstration.”

To enquire about Fliegl products or to arrange a demo, touch base with your local Power Farming dealership.

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