Giltrap RF11 side feed silage wagon

The Giltrap RF11 side feed silage wagon is a strong, sturdy feeder that gives users options like the ability to feed both sides and be picked up at each end

Most people will say that a bale feeder is a bale feeder, and if it feeds out the bales it’s good enough for them, but buying a bale feeder can often be a difficult decision with what style and size your particular operation requires.

Most brands are good at feeding round bales but few can feed squares with any degree of accuracy without taking an eternity to do so or feed them out so quickly it simply breaks up the “biscuits”. The Giltrap DML Generation 2 feeder falls into the latter category. It can feed squares but to be fair its forte is round bales, which it does very well.

The feeder gets its name from the legacy of the DML feeders, which have been around for more than 25 years. It is now sitting under the Giltrap umbrella after the purchase of DML Engineering, however there is a considerable amount of experience, and research and development from DML’s 25 years that has enabled Giltrap to build on to create the Generation feeder range.

Features like the cast iron shaft bearing and six-tooth cast sprockets with heavy duty drive lugs are all important mechanical features but it’s the little nuances and the practical features that define the Generation 2 Giltrap feeder.

Read the rest of the review in the March issue of Farm Trader magazine, on sale now.

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