Kubota’s electric concept vehicle

Kubota electric concept vehicle

Kubota’s electric concept vehicle showcases the manufacturer’s vision for automation and artificial intelligence (AI) applied to farming

Kubota has unveiled its new fully electric and multipurpose concept vehicle, designed to support a wide range of agricultural tasks.

The new agricultural concept vehicle comes with six independent drive motors and a three-point hitch, allowing it to use many existing implements for operations, such as mowing and tilling.

Kubota electric concept vehicle
The vehicle can use existing implements for operations such as mowing and tilling

Providing flexibility to operators, the vehicle has impressive charging capabilities and can be charged from 10 to 80% in less than six minutes. Customers will not be constrained to long charging times, thus reducing vehicle downtime.

The vehicle can also be easily operated in residential settings or at night due to the electric drives that make operation quieter than non-electric vehicles. Released alongside the concept vehicle was an immersive video highlighting Kubota’s vision of autonomous technology and AI working to provide solutions for farmers.

Key technologies highlighted in the video include:

  • automatic data collection
  • real-time monitoring
  • AI identifying potential issues automation addressing labour challenges
  • water management automation, and
  • data platform enhancing productivity

“This concept vehicle, as shown in the immersive video, displays the future potential of fusing digital and physical to provide complete solutions for our customers,” says Kubota North America senior technologist Brett McMickell.

“Many technologies, such as AI, connectivity, and autonomy, need to come together in order to realise Kubota’s vision of providing solutions across the food value chain, from growers to consumers.”

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