Yanmar reveals e-X1 concept model

Yanmar e-X1 concept model

Yanmar has revealed its e-X1 concept model, an electric drive compact agricultural machine designed to achieve zero emissions

Japanese manufacturer Yanmar has released its e-X1 concept model agricultural machine as part of its commitment to a green future.

The concept model can accommodate various implements, such as rotary tillers and grass cutters at the front and rear, enabling tasks such as weeding, snow removal, and cultivating.

Improving working conditions and environmental performance, the electric machine has an environmentally friendly electric motor, as well as a quietness that just couldn’t be replicated on machines that are powered by fuel.

Being an electric agricultural machine, it can improve conditions for those who work in an enclosed space or in circumstances where quiet operations are a must.

To ensure stable operation on slopes and uneven terrain, Yanmar designed the machine with crawlers instead of wheels.

Designed without a driver’s seat, it’s operated via a remote control, guaranteeing safety for operators when carrying out agricultural tasks, with Yanmar saying the incorporation of autonomous driving features is also under consideration.

Yanmar plans to start market monitoring in 2025, actively progressing towards mass production through rigorous design and testing.

While Yanmar currently sells commercial marine and compact construction equipment in Australia and New Zealand, it does not currently have a distributor for its agricultural products.

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