Honda generators

Honda generators consistently incorporate innovations and cutting-edge technology that are difficult for other manufacturers to match, says Honda.

The company says its four-stroke engines are highly regarded and used in many applications, claiming that the Honda range of generators is one of the quietest and cleanest running in the world.

Honda has an extensive selection of invertor generators ranging from one kVA to 6.5kVA. Oil alert and carry handles add to the easy maintenance and lightweight portability of this range.

These generators suit stand-by power situations, domestic use in the garden shed, or leisure applications like camping trips.

For heavier commercial use, there is the Honda range of industrial generators. These are available in power outputs of 2.2kVA to nine kVA.

Honda generators are built to be durable under heavy load situations. All the controls are centralised which provides considerably enhanced ease of use, says Honda, and also means that controls are accessible when generators are positioned in areas where it is not easy to reach all sides of the generator.

Honda industrial generators are fully framed for protection and stability. These generators are used for emergency situations, for heavy stand-by power requirements like shearing sheds, milking sheds, and hay sheds running compressors and other tools.

A range of accessories are available for Honda generators, including parallel link-up kits for some models, which allow the operator to use two generators to double power output.

The latest addition to the Honda range is the EM10000, featuring a 90-degree V-twin engine and producing nine kVA. It has an electric start and a 31-litre fuel tank ,and is designed to reduce voltage variation.

The Honda Power Equipment dealer network extends to over 100 retailers in New Zealand, meaning Honda products and technical advice are always close, regardless of your location.

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