Sprayer technology: Hustler Applic8r boom sprayer range

Hustler Equipment’s Applic8r sprayer range is available in 680, 890, and 1150-litre capacities, complemented by 890 and 1150-litre front tank options, which can virtually double the spraying capacity.

Applic8r LX1150 with SonicBoom 12m

The smart and sturdy low-profile main tank is enclosed in a galvanised steel frame comprising a SkidPlate™, which protects all the vital components, making the spraying unit bulletproof.

The extension feet (used for convenient and safe storage directly on the ground) are now a standard feature, incorporated into the frame, thanks to a lock-nut system on all models. 

A generous sump size is also part of the design, allowing the operator to spray on steep terrain at low tank level without sucking air and leaving missed patches. Also, the standard 110 litres per minute Comet pump located at the rear of the tank is pushed slightly back and offset, to be adapted on any tractor with no need to trim the PTO shaft.

Applic8r LX680 with DuraBoom 6m

Other standard equipment includes well-thought features such as an 18-litre clean water tank for hand washing and an integrated toolbox. The 455mm diameter lid incorporates a spill ring to catch any accidental spillage. Multiple options are available to customise the sprayer to the operator’s exact needs. Among them are a 100-litre QuickFlush™, the 20-litre ErgoMax™ induction hopper allowing for the pre-mix powder of fertilisers or other chemicals, and the StorageBox™.

Filling the sprayer can be done through the upper lid or by using the Applic8r’s own pump to fill from a trough or stream using the CoupleUp™ two-inch suction port. A 280-degree viewable ViziGauge™ allows easy viewing of the tank level from the tractor seat and the ground.


Hustler has used the latest CAD flow simulation technology to create the perfect mix of fluid throughout the tank. Called MixMax™ agitation system, which now comes as standard on all models, it can be adjusted from zero to full agitation to keep powders in suspension or reduced to stop excessive foaming.

On the application side, a three- to five-section ARAG Bravo control system takes care of flow and pressure requirements. Recognising the growing demand for GPS-guided spraying, Hustler has reinforced its long-standing partnership with Raven® GPS technology, which is ISOBUS compatible, while a display for non-ISOBUS tractors is also available. 

The ideal configuration can be chosen from three ranges of booms, the manual DuraBoom™ (six and eight metres), the hydraulic SonicBoom™ (10 and 12 metres), and the EagleTech™ boom (14 metres), which features yaw, vertical, and individual suspension. The EagleTech boom also incorporates hydraulic boom dampeners on the self-levelling and end sections of the unit.

Applic8r LX1150 with EagleTech boom 14m

Beyond the custom options, Hustler Equipment Applic8r linkage mounted sprayers boast meticulous attention to quality control processes. Every unit is produced at Hustler’s main factory in Hastings and undergoes thorough testing and checks. The initial set-up and calibration are personalised to meet the end user’s requirements, ensuring the sprayer is ready to work upon delivery. All Applic8r models are now backed up with the new
industry-leading five-year warranty.

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