Hustler Equipment launches Applic8r linkage sprayer

Hustler Equipment launches the new Applic8r linkage sprayer that's being dubbed as a game changer

Applic8r linkage sprayer in action

Hustler Equipment has launched a new boom for its Applic8r linkage sprayers – the next generation of its Katipo range – which it says is a game changer in technology and longevity.

Available across the Applic8r range (with current tank size options from 680 to 1150 litres), boom widths range from six to 14 metres, and controls range from manual to full ISOBUS.


The new EagleTech booms have yaw, vertical, and individual sectional suspension, with the end sections suspended separately from the intermediate section to reduce boom weight and increase stability.

Using mast rollers instead of slides help reduce friction on the vertical suspension, helping reduce the impact on the boom in rough terrain, while the hydraulic dampeners help create a smooth glide not often found in booms of this size.

The EagleTech boom also comes with in-line sectional filters, which Hustler says eliminates the need to run nozzle filters. It also means the operator only needs to change five sectional filters instead of 28 nozzle filters.

Hustler Australian business development manager Jordan Cornes says the EagleTech has the most user-friendly wing-lift around.

“Operators get full individual wing lift from the hip of the boom, making this perfect when working in undulating to steep country,” he says.

“Running a single remote for each wing direct from the tractor enables the operator to quickly and easily follow the contour of the ground with the booms.”

The boom also features a unique transport lock for safer travel on roads, and it also acts to relieve loads normally induced during travel increasing the longevity of the boom. The lock is operated from the cab saving an extra stop when entering and exiting each field.

“Farmers globally are getting more and more aware of the massive savings associated with owning their own spray rig, in time, money, and convenience, not to mention peace of mind of knowing the quantity of chemical applied,” he says.

“Owners of our sprayers say that often they can pay off the initial investment in one to two years.”

Hustler also released a range of ultra-compact front tank kits and a new ErgoMax induction system to complement the Applic8r range in September.

The EagleTech boom can be retrofitted to most linkage sprayers on the market today and will seamlessly integrate with any existing Hustler sprayer.  

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