Hydralada Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Introducing Hydralada Mobile Elevating Work Platforms…

Shed building on rural properties can present unique challenges including difficult locations and sites. Nevertheless it is important that the builders are able to erect these structures efficiently while continuing to work safely.

Hydralada Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) have been used in the building and construction industry for many years, their outstanding manoeuvrability sets them apart from other platforms.

They have the ability to lift purlins into position using a unique Hydralada-certified lifting attachment. The machine works like an extension of the tradesman even while working on unprepared surfaces making the job that much more efficient.

It’s really no surprise that these days more and more builders are using Hydralada to make significant savings to the manpower when erecting structures.

Hydralada offers a complete range of all-terrain self-propelled MEWPs with lift heights of up to 18 metres and a range of control options. Hydralada MEWPs have built a reputation over many years for minimal overall operating costs which means the long-term cost of ownership is very low. Hydralada products are built to a high standard of workmanship, and comply with the current Safety Standard AS/NZS 1418-10:2011. 

The Hydralada machines used by shed builders are usually foot-controlled, and most models available can be specified with tandem four-wheel drive, allowing the machines to operate at elevation on unprepared and uneven surfaces with no outriggers required for stability. This leaves the operators hands-free to continue working, and with the ability to manoeuvre at full elevation, the operator has a very productive machine indeed.

The recently released SB Series includes a dynamic automatic self-levelling system which means the machine can be operated on slopes of up to 20 degrees with the chassis maintaining level to within four degrees. This new model includes a 340-degree articulated slew boom which allows it to access the most difficult locations.

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