Impressive results for Väderstads world-record maize field

Impressive results emerge from the crops of Väderstad Tempo two months after they plant 502.05 ha within 24 hours at a speed of 20–22km/h

Gábor Szávay, who is the farm director of Enyingi Agrár Zrt, where the world record occurred, is positive about the results at the fields. After the planting in April, conditions have generally been dry in western Hungary.

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“I am impressed with the results that the Väderstad Tempo has accomplished at such high speeds. Even though the weather has been tough, the world record crop has the strongest looking fields in this region” Gábor says.

“Normally, the world-record fields are planted with two 12-row planters from another brand, needing four to five days to finish. With them, we do not usually reach as high planting precision as Väderstad Tempo has delivered this year.”

High precision spacing 

The University of Gödöllö has performed statistical measurements of the plant spacing in the rows as well as the seeding depth.

“We have analysed 6808 plants in total, of which we found 24 doubles and 16 skips. These results are good in spite of the high planting speed and medium soil preparation conditions,” István Bognár, assistant professor at the University, says.

A double means that the distance between two plants is less than half of the average spacing, while a skip means that the distance between two plants is more than 1.5 times the average spacing.

Regarding the seeding depth, the measurements from the university shows even results. Overall, the seed depth only varied by 0.5cm from the selected seed depth of 6cm.”The result is seen in a very even and strong emergence over the entire field,” Mattias Hovnert at Väderstad says.

Väderstad Tempo taking off in New Zealand

Similar results are being seen by many maize and fodder beet growers in New Zealand. “Considering many planters on the market operate at only half the speed of Tempo and still cannot achieve the same level of precision, our customers are thrilled with its performance,” Jamie Hanna, NZ Väderstad product manager, says.

The Väderstad Tempo is available in numerous configurations from six to 16 rows, with and without fertiliser, trailed, and mounted and in various row spacings to suit both maize and fodder beet.

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