Improved efficacy and reducing waste proves a winner

The prestigious International Innovation Award at New Zealand’s Fieldays® Online has been won by Irish AgTech company MagGrow

Farmers using MagGrow’s system can improve their crop coverage by 20% plus

The award was made for MagGrow’s patented proprietary technology that significantly reduces waste associated with conventional pesticide spray applications, allowing plant protection products to be delivered where they matter the most.

The Judging Panel of the International Innovation Award said MagGrow “impressed with strong science backing an innovative solution that reduces chemical and water usage whilst improving efficacy in spraying applications.

“We particularly appreciated the deep understanding of both science and farming applied in an innovation that can improve both environmental and commercial outcomes globally.

“The MagGrow team demonstrated clear understanding of both the problem to be solved and the business model to see it applied at scale. They are a worthy winner of the International Innovation Award and their solutions will bring real value to New Zealand farmers,” the judges said.

As a technology and IP company, science is fundamental to delivering MagGrow’s precision agricultural solution to growers everywhere. Farmers using the system can improve their crop coverage by 20% plus and reduce drift by up to 70%. It can also reduce their water usage by up to 50% and extend their spray windows.

Farmers typically see a return on investment of around one year or less just on chemical savings alone as well as healthier and less diseased crops due to the higher crop coverage. The increased coverage also supports a reduction in labour and fuel requirements. A key selling point for farmers is the fact that there is virtually no maintenance with no moving parts, cables, electrical wires, or power supply.

“Fieldays Innovation Awards is recognised as one of the premier agricultural award events in the world, and we’re truly delighted to have won,” says MagGrow CEO Gary Wickham.

“We see this as a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers, investors, commercial and local research partners.

“New Zealand was always on our radar. New Zealand’s international reputation as a leader in the Agritech sector is well established. In addition, the country is home to world-leading agricultural research centres and universities.

The country’s appetite for new technology that supports sustainable farming makes it an ideal market for MagGrow’s innovative technology. Locally, Enterprise Ireland is doing a fantastic job guiding us on market entry strategy especially on market research, company set up, networking, customer access, and local funding supports.”​

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