National government will increase Sustainable Farming Fund

National government says they will boost the fund and partner with farmers and growers to develop new farming technology and practices

New Zealand government’s recently announced an increase in the investment in the Sustainable Farming Fund from $7 million to $20 million a move that Federated Farmers think is more effective than the tax policies of other parties. 

An overseeing cross-sector panel, renamed The Future Farming Fund, was announced by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy, will drive advances in farming technology and practices while further reducing farming’s environmental footprint.

The Sustainable Farming Fund—launched 17 years ago—and leveraged sector support has made possible for more than 1000 projects to lift the performance and sustainability of primary producers.

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“This kind of research is what keeps us at the forefront of farming technology and ensures we remain among the most efficient producers of food on the planet,” Minister Nathan says.

Federated Farmers is the lead organisation on one of the ongoing projects a smart irrigation study in Canterbury that’s about quantifying the relationship between irrigation over time, the accumulation of soil carbon and changes in soil water holding capacity, with spin-offs for knowledge on groundwater recharge and nutrient leaching.

 “The project is typical of environmental gains we can make when we improve our knowledge of technology and natural systems,” the Minister says.

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