Product profile: Jadan Bale Grab

A new model of Jadan Group’s bale grab has made a core product more accessible for Australian farmers with lower hay sheds and Tautliners

The grab operates hydraulically, with all functions available for farmers in the tractor cabin

Cutting the height of one of Jadan Group’s core products is expected to help widen its customer appeal, the company says.

The New South Wales manufacturer has developed a new model of small square bale grab, which is a low clearance compact grab that makes a small but significant change to a product Jadan has been building for years.

“The overall height and clearance are about six inches shallower, or lower profile, than our normal grab,” Jadan Group says.

“The role of the compact grab is the same as our standard grab, but we’ve changed quite a few things to gain those six inches, or 150mm, clearance for tight spaces.

The grab has plenty of features designed for versatility, efficiency, and safety

“It’s designed for loading and unloading tautliners and tight spaces like low clearance hay sheds. Taultiners are becoming very popular for carting hay bales, as it saves the driver having to tarp the load”.

In addition to the reduced height, the compact grab also has plenty of other features designed for versatility, efficiency, and safety.

One important aspect is the presence of rounded corners and edges, plus spikes that are curved at the top.

This is to increase safety and prevent damage to other assets, such as potentially cutting a hole in a Tautliner curtain with sharp edges.

Jadan’s compact grab also features an upgraded head design for a stronger frame and the ability to fit most types of telehandler and loader lugs, plus slippers for forklifts.

Low clearance compact grab

“We can also fit the grab with a side shift option for ease of getting your stack tighter, and the machines are sandblasted and powder-coated for longer life and a better finish,” the company says.

“Another good feature is that the prongs, or the bale spike itself, is bolted on rather than welded, which means that they can be easily replaced or moved to a different section to suit your requirements.” There are acetyl bushes in the main pivot bushes and all pivots have no grease points, which is a feature of all Jadan bale grabs.

The grab operates hydraulically, with all functions available for farmers in the tractor cabin.

Jadan Group, based in Cowra in central-west NSW, is a family-owned manufacturing business with more than 30 years of experience in the hay handling industry.

Its products are designed for Australian farming conditions and can be delivered nationwide. 

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