John Deere Digital Ecosystem tailored to NZ farmers

Machine monitoring, tracking input application, and recordkeeping have reached a new level of precision and ease for the user with the latest John Deere Operations Center update

John Deere Australia and New Zealand precision agriculture manager Benji Blevin

John Deere Australia and New Zealand precision agriculture manager, Benji Blevin, says the most significant updates for New Zealand farmers included the expansion of John Deere’s input product database and Operation Center’s ability to provide ‘estimated time remaining’
for tasks to be completed in the field.

“The latest update includes a number of improvements that will directly increase productivity for farmers’ businesses through time-saving and management insights,” Benji says.

“Prior to this update, growers in New Zealand had to manually input their own product information into Operations Center, which led to errors in record keeping and ultimately unusable data.


“Now customers can select products from more than 3500 varieties, 5000 chemicals, and almost 1000 fertiliser products specific to New Zealand, ensuring they are capturing accurate records against farm operations including product name, brand, and registration number. This is an important update, as products form a key part of digital work plans that can be sent to machines wirelessly, ensuring that the right product is applied to the right fields and with the right rates. It will also improve the data available for farmers to make improved decisions for the next season.”

As part of the new upgrade, farmers will also now receive Uber-like updates on the efficiency of multiple machines in a paddock with the addition of the feature, Estimated Time Remaining.

“Estimated Time Remaining applies data science to current and historical productivity to provide an accurate calculation of how long it will take a single machine or multiple machines to complete fieldwork. The calculation, which updates every five minutes, is based on a number of factors such as turn times and machine configuration.

Another effective farm management feature included in the update is the ability for managers to track the amount of time a machine stays idle. Other updates include improved map experience, machine analyser updates and new equipment management tool.

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