Review: John Deere 6250R

Find out what the Farm Trader team thinks of the top-of-the-range John Deere 6250R packed with new technology

There is a fair argument to be made that the latest John Deere 6250R is the best Deere tractor built in quite some time. We’ve surely touched a nerve with someone with that statement, but hear us out.

The top of the range model we recently test-drove across the ditch in Australia is definitely a step up from previous 6 series tractors.

Jam-packed with all the bells and whistles you could think of, it’s important to know that this is the first John Deere to come labelled ‘6250R’, and it now acts as the flagship in this range.

However, the new John Deere 6250R doesn’t come cheap, so is it the rig you’re looking for?


The 6.8L Powertech tier 4 engine pushes out 300hp (224kW)

The 6250R is the top of the range tractor in John Deere’s 6 series and it’s packing some heat. Under the distinctive green bonnet, you’ll find a tried-and-tested 6.8-litre Powertech tier 4 engine.

This engine is capable of pushing out a max 300hp (224kW). Deere claims this sort of power cannot be found in any other tractor in this weight class.

In terms of emissions regulations, the 6250R doesn’t change much, offering a diesel particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction, exhaust gas recirculation, and diesel oxidation catalyst, which have now become the norm in most modern tractors.

The job for our test-drive was tickling soil with a set of 4.5-metre off-set discs by Grizzly. The 6250R purred through the soil nicely. Even when the tractor felt like it was lugging down, it never felt like it was short of power.


The distinctive and imposing front view

Transmission-wise, the 6250R offers customers four options. There are the well-established mechanical PowerQuad and AutoQuad boxes, which have been a staple of John Deere tractors for more than two decades.

For those ‘tech-savvy’ farmers, there’s John Deere’s well-known DirectDrive transmission, but our pick of the four is certainly the AutoPowr transmission when coupled with the brand-spanking-new CommandPro joystick (more on that later).

All transmission options come available in 40km/h and 50km/h variants. For 50km/h variants, front and cab suspension as well as front breaks come as standard. This provides enhanced safety when in transport.


Gen 4 Command Centre with 10-inch/25.4cm touchscreen and the brand-new CommandPro joystick

Stepping inside the new Command View cab should leave you instantly impressed. On the inside, you’ll see some significant changes, primarily with the addition of the new CommandPro joystick. 

Let’s not sugar-coat it. John Deere is late to the party when it comes to multi-control joysticks. Pretty much every competitor has had a decent crack at the innovation over the past few years, leaving many pundits waiting for a Deere addition.

However, the wait was worth it. Not only does it sit perfectly in the hand but it’s also well placed on the CommandArm, comfortable, and unlike many multi-control joysticks, feels totally natural.

Push the joystick forward to accelerate, pull it back to decelerate. Pretty simple stuff. A unique feature, however, is the CommandPro’s ability to hit top and zero speed with one push or pull.

Push the joystick all the way forward, the joystick will click and hit top speed. Pulling the joystick backwards until it clicks will bring the tractor to a complete stop. 

We certainly suggest you at least trial a new John Deere machine with the CommandPro joystick.

While the development might have taken a while, it certainly hasn’t disappointed. In total, there are 11 programmable buttons for customised hitch, power take-off (PTO), and selective control valve preferences as well as speed and directional travel.

The size of the CommandView cab is also impressive, measuring in at a spacious 3.3 cubic metres. 

Visibility is also quality, thanks to the 6250R’s sloping bonnet and four-pillar cab design with large panorama doors. All-in-all, a well-made, comfortable and practical operator environment.

Linkage, hydraulics, PTO

Visibility is excellent due to the 6250R’s sloping bonnet and four-pillar cab design with large panorama doors

The full spec John Deere we got our hands on was certainly well equipped in these departments. It had the big daddy 160 litres per minute hydraulic pump sending oil to the two front spools, as well as the six at the rear. It also powers the five-tonne front linkage and 10.4-tonne rear linkage, while the single-speed front PTO and four-speed rear PTO offers plenty for the tough jobs.

Hydraulic spool controls are operated via the CommandPro joystick, the traditional coloured paddles, and optional joystick. The operator can set their preferred layout and save on the Gen 4 Command Centre (10-inch/25.4cm touchscreen).


The new StarFire 6000 GPS receiver can give RTK 2.5cm pass to pass accuracy without the additional cost and hassle of running a separate base station

The new StarFire 6000 receiver is a revelation in the GPS world and we got to grips with it on the 6250R.

The reason this is so special is that it can give RTK 2.5cm pass to pass accuracy without the additional cost and hassle of running a separate base station.

Other less expensive subscription options are available for operators who don’t need such a level of accuracy with SF3 3cm pass to pass accuracy, as well as the SF1 15cm accuracy guidance.


Using 4.5-metre off-set discs by Grizzly, the tractor had plenty of power and moved through the soil easily

Such is the brand loyalty in the farming community, John Deere could have simply have left the 6R series as is and farmers would still have flocked. John Deere’s 6 series tractors are still ridiculously popular. Instead, John Deere built upon the foundations of its respected predecessor, refined it, added some new tricks and tied a cute red bow.

You’ll have to scrounge up all the loose pennies under the couch to get one, but what’s your threshold on price? The one thing John Deere does well is it never overcomplicates things – it simply makes what is best for the tractor and farmer and does it consistently well.

John Deere 625 specifcations

Engine 6-cylinder 6.8L Tier 4 John Deere engine
Max power 300hp (224kW)
Max torque 1167Nm
Fuel tank capacity 470L
Transmission 50km/h AutoPowr continuously variable
Rear linkage capacity 10,400kg
Front linage capacity 5000kg
Max hydraulic output 160L/min
Remotes Six rear, two front
PTO Four-speed
Weight (max) 15,000kg


  • Spacious cab
  • CommandPro Joystick
  • Smooth front and cab suspension
  • User-friendliness 
  • Impressive LED lighting package


  • Hefty price
  • Heavy tillage work best suited to larger framed machines, 7 & 8 series?

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