John Deere kicks off 2019 with new variable chamber wrapping balers

John Deere is kicking off the 2019 season with its new wrapping round baler range

Two new models, the John Deere C451R and C461R variable-chamber wrapping balers, are the latest additions to the company’s round baler range. Both have been built for high productivity and output.

The new models feature a 15% faster wrapper, working at 40rpm

John Deere says these new models combine its most productive variable chamber baler design with proven, premium wrapping components, to provide a wrapping baler that fully meets the needs of all farmers and contractors.

As with the existing C441R fixed chamber model, the C451R and C461R feature a full-frame chassis built for reliability and strength. They also use the revolutionary Fast Release System first introduced on the 900 Series round balers in 2012, which have since been replaced by the V451R and V461R models, in conjunction with a high-capacity feeding system.

The manufacturer has targeted wet grass as a major design influence for the new models in addition to building a baler that can just as easily work with dry straw too. They are true all-rounders when it comes to producing both high outputs and up to 1.85-metre bales with consistent density, chop quality, and shape in all crop types.

There’s a choice of feeding systems using a high-capacity MaxiCut HC rotor with 13 or 25 knives, controlled from the cab. The pick-ups feature a five tine bar cam track design with 6mm tines and stainless steel stripper bands to increase durability. A new, reinforced wear-resistant Hardox steel rotor also adds to the machine’s overall high performance and strength.

There’s a choice of feeding systems using a high-capacity MaxiCut HC rotor with 13 or 25 knives

Like the rest of the John Deere round baler range, the C451R and C461R utilise the well proven in-line rotor concept, which efficiently transfers all types of crop through to the bale chamber, reducing any possibility of crop build-up and uneven feeding.

Both versions also incorporate a full-width parallel drop-floor system operated from the tractor cab, which enables blockages to be removed instantly. As on the C441R wrapping baler, the C451R and C461R now feature a 15% faster wrapper, working at 40rpm, and an 18% faster table transfer system compared to the previous C440R model to deliver an enormous increase in productivity.

These new wrapping balers are also available with a tandem axle as a standard for improved stability and reduced ground compaction.

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