Effluent feature: Joskin Modulo-2

Quality construction, pump protection systems, and spreading booms are some of the winning formulas of the Joskin Modulo-2 slurry tankers

Joskin offers a wide range of spreading booms and injectors

The Belgium-made range of Joskin machinery has been available for more than 55 years, producing a wide range of slurry tankers as well as spreading equipment, trailers, and grass care equipment.

As the name Modulo suggests, it’s modular and built to specifications that advance the machine. Different spreading equipment, such as booms and injectors can be fitted later, as the tanker is built to take the extra weight and stress a spreading boom or injector can exert on a tanker. Joskin Modulo-2 tankers are available in either single or tandem axle set-ups, with a capacity from 5000 to 18,000 litres.

The Joskin vacuum pump system creates an atmospheric pressure difference to fill or empty the tanker

Joskin only use high-tensile steel for the construction of its machines. This provides strength without excessive weight. It’s also important for the tanker’s longevity. Working across rough farmland, especially with movement from fluid loads, a tanker generally has more stress than any other piece of farm machinery.

A key point for slurry handling equipment is to have a hot dip galvanising finish — the best protection against the corrosive nature of effluent, so Joskin not only galvanise the tank inside and out but also the chassis and the drawbar to protect the whole machine for life.
To maximise efficiency, an optional Jumbo automatic filling arm can be fitted. This incorporates hydraulics to changeover from filling to emptying, so you do not have to get off the tractor while filling.

Optional Jumbo 8-inch automatic filling arm

The Jumbo Auto filling side arm can be easily changed from left to right-hand side filling in minutes. As the name Jumbo suggests, its massive eight-inch filling pipe has up to 80% more capacity than a six-inch filling pipe, so filling the tanker only takes a few minutes.

A turbo filler can be fitted as an option to the Jumbo arm to decrease filling time and eliminate foaming of the effluent. You can also fill with a six-inch pipe from the side of the tanker manually if you choose.

Joskin has its own unique tandem bogie axle system called the ‘Roll — Over Bogie’. This unique system, which can only be found on Joskin tankers and trailers, is designed to push the front axle up over obstacles and undulating ground to decrease the tractor power required to pull it.

The Modulo-2 tanker range is available in sizes 5000 to 18,000L

Flotation tyres spread the weight of the large tanker as much as possible to minimise soil compaction while the steering rear axle on the tandem models helps minimise pasture damage when turning in paddocks.

Joskin uses the popular vacuum pump system, which creates an atmospheric pressure difference inside the tank to fill or empty the tanker.

By creating a vacuum, slurry is sucked in and when spreading, the tank is pressurised by the pump, which allows it to expel the slurry.

The Joskin ECO-Pump collects waste oil from the vacuum pump

Joskin adds an ECO-Pump to its tankers (10,000 litres and above). The Eco Pump system collects any waste oil from the pump, which would otherwise just go on the ground — not overly environmentally friendly.

A muffler is also incorporated into the ECO-Pump, which cuts down noise within a safe decibel range of only 25.7 in filling phase compared to standard pumps of 93.7 decibels, making it OSH-safe. The air intake is also located up high on the ECO-Pump so only clean air is sucked into the main vacuum pump minimising wear in this area from dust — features that are unique to Joskin slurry tankers.

Further pump protection includes a 30-litre syphon/water trap fitted standard on all models, which collects the water and foam when filling, preventing it from getting to the vacuum pump and causing damage.

The Jurop vacuum pump can fill the tanker in two to three minutes

For years, the basic splash plate system has been the standard spreading system fitted to slurry tankers. Joskin, however, also makes a wide range of spreading booms and injectors.

These are particularly interesting as they can substantially reduce the amount of nitrogen and methane in the atmosphere when compared to splash plating, which can lose up to 80%. Therefore, by using a boom or an injector, you can maximise the fertility of the effluent by placing it on or in the ground as well as reduce the smell for neighbours.  

Joskin slurry tankers are imported by the OriginAg nationwide dealer sales and service network of more than 30 dealers. For more information, call OriginAg on 07 8237582 or a local dealer.  

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