Profile: Keenan Orbital 12T

Keenan Orbital 12T is a heavy-duty versatile spreader capable of impressively high work rates with trouble-free operation

Keenan Orbital 12T

Keenan has a well-established reputation in New Zealand, with the Irish brand having
well-proven itself around the country. Imported and distributed by Action Agriculture, a family-owned business with a primary focus on harvest and feed-related agricultural equipment, the Keenan range of mixer wagons and spreaders available includes the OrbitalSpreader.

This heavy-duty versatile spreader is capable of impressively high work rates with trouble-free operation. Designed to handle a wide range of farm and commercial wastes, it delivers a remarkably uniform spread pattern.

The innovation is in the combination of simple design and operation, with a semi-cylindrical tank, rear pushing door, and large flywheel at the front. A heavy-duty hydraulic ram attached to the sliding rear door pushes the material from the back of the machine towards the rapidly spinning flywheel. The forward speed of the rear door is adjusted by a hydraulic valve, allowing application rates to be easily altered. Once set at the desired level, material is fed at a constant rate to the flywheel, ensuring a smooth, consistent spread of material.

Unloading takes no longer than 1.5 to five minutes (depending on material) with the tank being left completely clean and ready for the next load. During loading and transporting, a slurry door separates the main chamber from the flywheel so that liquids can be easily handled and starting torque is kept low.

The Orbital can accurately spread a wide range of materials

For a machine with such high work rates and large capacity, the power requirement is relatively low at 120hp. Liquid materials require slightly less power.

The Orbital accurately spreads a wide range of materials, including strawy muck, industrial sludge, and poultry manure. The sealed nature of the body ensures that sloppy material is transported and spread without leakage.

The impressive list of standard features includes slurry door, hydraulic brakes and lights, low ground pressure tyres, and an electronic boost for faster compaction of the load, delivering the versatility to spread most types of material without the need for costly extras.

With a distribution base in Te Awamutu, a branch in Gore, and Keenan service agents across New Zealand, Action Agriculture are well set up to provide for effluent spreading needs through the use of the Keenan Orbital 12T.

Action Agriculture is not only the importer and distributor for Keenan but also the local Waikato dealers for Krone forage harvest equipment and Hardi sprayers.

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