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New Zealand-designed and made, Kinghitter has launched the Dominator Rotational Base as the key to taking fencing efficiency to the next level

Alistar Bird (known on YouTube as ‘Kiwifarmer’) tests out the new Kinghitter Dominator Base

Having the right equipment can help make the laborious task of fencing more efficient, and there’s no better place to begin than ensuring the most useful post driver set-up. Traditionally, post drivers have been mounted on the rear of the tractor with limited movement. This means positioning the post driver correctly can often be frustrating and time-consuming.  

New Zealand-designed and made, Kinghitter has a wealth of experience in the industry and has launched the game-changing Dominator Rotational Base as the key to taking fencing efficiency to the next level.

The new Kinghitter Dominator Base has been designed and engineered to make fencing easier and more efficient. With 130 degrees of rotation and a 650mm shift capacity, the Dominator allows a huge range of accurate post driver positioning — virtually anywhere behind the tractor. This means less time spent repositioning the tractor to get the post driver in the right place, increasing overall productivity on the line. The heavy-duty construction, low overall weight, and balanced design make the Dominator the base of choice for many contractors around the country.

One area where the Dominator really shines is with one-man fencing. No one wants to jump in and out of a tractor multiple times a day. However, this is the reality when using a post driver with limited movement of its own.

With the Dominator Base’s exceptional rotation, shift, and adjustment capabilities, the post driver can be effortlessly positioned in the right spot, the first time, every time, eliminating the need for repeated tractor movements.

The rotation, shift, hydraulic legs, and hydraulic tractor top-link allow for easy post driver positioning

Key features include two hydraulic legs on each side of the base, a hydraulic top link to the tractor, a lockable toolbox, counterweight options, a tow bar, and multiple tool mounts. The hydraulic legs enable the operator to raise the post driver up off the ground while shifting, eliminating ground damage caused by scuffing feet.

Upgrading to the Dominator Base is a natural progression from a standard rear or side-mounted post driver. The base is compatible with the entire Kinghitter post driver range and can also be retrofitted to existing post drivers.

Kinghitter is sold and serviced by local dealers and backed by a one-year warranty, making it a game-changer in the agricultural fencing industry.

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