Review: Kubota M7132 Deluxe

Farm Trader jumps on board the Kubota M7132 Deluxe to experience first-hand this handy workhorse that’s packed with features to ensure operator comfort and convenience


Whoever came up with the ‘Kubota keeps rolling along’ advertising jingle certainly got it right – the iconic brand has been around for years and is still going strong and continuing to evolve. I’ve sat behind the wheel of more than my fair share of Kubota tractors over the years, so the opportunity to test drive the new Kubota M7-2 Series, the M7132, was met with enthusiasm.

Back to the Kubota jingle briefly – those four words pretty much hit the nail on the head in summing up the brand. Reliability and the fact that Kubota really does just keep rolling along is one of the key factors that has served the brand so well over the years.

Reliability and simplicity have been key features of Kubota machinery from its early days and is what keeps farmers coming back for more. Although we’re test-driving the smallest of the M7 size range, the M7132, the Kubota range of tractors and agricultural equipment is impressively extensive, with a range of specifications and sizes to suit many different farming and lifestyle needs.  


Test time

Ngatea farmers Bruce and Jenny Clark have owned several Kubota tractors over the years and remain impressed at the build quality and reliability. So, when Bruce’s Kubota M110X was due for replacement, he had no hesitation heading back to see what Mark Browne from Central Motors in Ngatea (his local Kubota dealer) could do for him.

Assessing Bruce’s requirements, Mark suggested the Kubota M7132 Deluxe version – a new addition to the range – should meet the requirements nicely, fitted with a Kubota-branded Quicke Q6M mechanical self-levelling loader. An upgrade on his old tractor and capable of dealing with everything (and more) you could possibly require on your average 250 cow dairy farm, this combination will be put to good use across everything from feeding out to mowing and spraying.

Battery box located in front of the steps

With a runoff down the road, the Deluxe version with 50km per hour top speed and front axle suspension, along with mechanical sprung cab suspension makes trips between the two blocks a breeze, rather than a chore. Boom suspension on the Quicke loader also decreases shock on the tractor across bumpy paddocks. The extra weight of the new Kubota M7 makes handling heavier silage bales safer, with a greater tractor-weight-to-bale-weight ratio. Other drawcards for Bruce and Jenny were the simplicity of the tractor in terms of ease of operation while still delivering all the functionality required.


This is one area that has had a bit of tweak over the previous M1 models. As far as I can understand, Kubota has achieved the same horsepower and max available torque available from 1500rpm through to 2100rpm now vs 2200rpm previously. The benefits of this are around valuable fuel savings – of key importance in today’s high-priced fuel market – and daily and weekly savings can add up to impressive fuel savings over the life of the tractor.

The other obvious benefit is decreased engine noise. Being Kubota’s largest horsepower tractor range, although only four cylinders, this engine is designed to do the big jobs. The 6.1-litre, turbo-charged, intercooled unit is an alternative to a six-cylinder, with the manoeuvrability of a four-cylinder.

Fold-out radiator for easy cleaning

Bruce’s M7132 produces 128hp, rated at 100hp at the PTO. A boost of 20hp is available at both 20km per hour in transport situations and when the PTO is engaged. As well as extra power, the M7 is available in Tier4 with diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction to keep emissions low. The AdBlue tank of 38 litres along with the 330-litre diesel tank ensures a good number of hours run time between fills.

At this stage, the M7 series is still available to order for the New Zealand market with Tier2 engines, so no AdBlue and even fewer sensors to worry about.

After the initial 50-hour service, services are scheduled for 500 hours, which is easy to remember. Easy access to daily service checks and fill points allows you to get on with the job. A high-lift one-piece bonnet provides access to the fold-out radiator for cleaning


The Kubota Deluxe and Premium models offer a closed centre, load sensing, 110 litres per minute hydraulic pump. The Kubota Quicke loader ideally wants a flow of 90 litres per minute to operate at optimum. Load sensing pumps save fuel, only running and pumping as required, and can run all modern implements. With Deluxe spec, there are also trailer brakes and Power Beyond fittings to operate implements with multiple hydraulic functions such as combi balers and loader wagons for tasks may be more suited to the higher horsepower machines in the range.

The Kubota M7132 – making the 600L spray tank look small

With three mechanical spools as standard at the rear, there’s also an optional fourth. Two of the three spools have manual flow rate adjustment that can be carried out from within the cab, which is extremely handy. The Cat 3 rear linkage has an impressive rating of 9400kg at the linkage point – pretty good for what some might consider a smaller tractor in today’s terms compared to some of the giants out there. As you’d expect, there are remote linkage controls and PTO buttons on both rear mudguards.  


Until now, I’d only checked out KVT model (variable) transmissions in the previous Kubota M71s, which are very nice indeed and easy to operate. However, I will admit as an alternative, the 30 forward, 15 reverse ZF transmission does the job nicely. Rated at 160hp, there’s next to no chance of doing damage from the 128hp engine. Nice to have over-spec, rather than pushing at the minimum. The addition of an extra two power shifts in each range, giving 30 in total forward, 15 reverse, (54 forward/27 reverse with creeper option) will be welcomed by operators, allowing even better gear selection for the job at hand and to help minimise fuel consumption.

Upgraded seating for added operator comfort

Under light and heavy loads, you can operate auto-shift, advancing to the appropriate range gear and adjusting engine output to match. I think this feature will be handy in transport applications where you have the extra 20hp boost available from the engine, over 20km/hour.

Deluxe versions have a 50km/hour top speed and front suspension as standard for comfort and safety. Standard models don’t have suspension and only 40km/hour transmission.

Set up with a loader like the test machine, the joystick shuttle allows you to keep one hand on the wheel and the other for controlling direction and loader function.


An important component of the modern agricultural tractor is the cab. This is another area where Kubota has clearly put in some effort to refine the original design of the M7 cab. Sticking with the four-pillar design visibility is excellent (with the exhaust hidden behind the right pillar) and a sloping bonnet to maximise visibility of the loader and attachment of implements. A Sears Deluxe seat has been fitted and redesigned for operator comfort, along with mechanical cab suspension. Continuing with the focus on operator comfort, Kubota has given the heating and cooling ability of the air conditioning a boost by 25%, to provide quick heating or cooling for optimum comfort. If you opt for a Premium version, you get a large 12-inch monitor.

There’s also a noticeable decrease in cab noise, thanks to the lower overall engine noise with a pressurised cabin providing a comfortable place to be, whether on farm or out contracting.

Four-post cab with great visibility for loader operation


It’s hard to argue with how handy a front-end loader on a tractor can be for a farm. The number of uses must surely be up there with number 8 wire. Bruce will be tasking his new Kubota with everything that you would expect of a hard-working farm tractor on a daily basis. Fitting a loader just makes sense, particularly when you factor in time spent shifting bales in spring or loading silage wagons when feed gets tight.

The Kubota branded Q6M fitted here certainly looks the business fitted to the M7 tractor. Utilising high-tensile steel, the weight of the loader is kept to a minimum without compromising strength. To make removing/connecting the loader easy, there’s a quick hydraulic coupler and a tool-free locking system that locks the loader to the tractor. Legs to park are incorporated into the frame. The sloping arms of the loader, along with the sloping bonnet, help make connecting fittings to the Euro hitch mounting a stress-free job. Third service valves are standard to run the likes of bale grabs or silage grab.

This compact 4-cylinder Kubota is a great combination with a loader for a wide variety of farm jobs

The day we caught up with Bruce, he had a bucket (full width of the tractor) attached, so we were able to shift some dirt around, which it handled with ease. Another feature of the Q6M loader is the soft ride system, using accumulators mounted within the frame, which help decrease the shock and bounce of the loader on the tractor, decreasing wear on both.

Bruce has the electro-control in the cab joystick for the loader, which can take a little to get used to – others still use mechanical joysticks, so both are covered to suit personal preference.

The combination of the Q6M loader fitted to the M7 tractor delivers a good heavy tractor to handle loader work, safely, and without feeling out of balance, as well as a compact wheelbase of 2720mm on the four-cylinder tractor, with a turning circle of 10.5 metres. It’s pretty manoeuvrable should you need to get around tight feed pads, narrow lanes, or gateways.

Build quality

Made to wear in I think is the term for Kubota gear – not wear out. Being a global manufacturer, Kubota has always had a focus on producing all of its own major components. However, in this largest horsepower tractor range, they have opted to align with some of the best names in the business, such as the DANA Spicer suspended front axle and ZF 30×15 semi-powershift transmission, along with Bosch hydraulics.

Options for precision farming using K-Monitor Pro on the Premium models allows to run implements with ISOBUS capability, as well as GPS guidance and auto-steer ready. Quality tyres are also fitted, either Trelleborg on a flanged axle or Michelin on bar axle for Premium spec machines.



The addition of the three Deluxe models to the Kubota M7 Series will tick a lot of boxes for those who want a simple but versatile and hardworking tractor, without unnecessary bells and whistles. There’s all the functionality required to get the wide array of farm jobs done also. A good example of this is the mechanical spool valves with manual hydraulic flow adjustment. Set up with a Kubota Q6M loader (or similar) like the test tractor, you have a heavy-duty, manoeuvrable, simple-to-operate workhorse, ready to tackle whatever loading tasks you can think of.

This range of tractors will suit everyday farm life perfectly and also work well as a smaller machine for contracting, suitable for raking and bale stacking jobs, among other things. Better still, with the Kubota M7 range, you’re getting a tractor right up there with the other big-name brands on the market of a similar size, known for its quality build and reliability, without paying a premium for the name on the front. 

Kubota M7132 Deluxe Specifications

Engine Kubota V6108-CR-Tier4, 4-cylinder, 6124cc, turbo
Hp 128hp (+20hp boost transport/PTO)
Transmission Semi-Powershift, 5 range, 6 gears
Speeds 40km/hr 50km/hr with front axle suspension 
Hydraulic pump Closed centre load sensing pump, 110L/min
Linkage Cat 3
PTO 540/540E /1000/1000E
Rear service valves 3, max 4 mechanical valves 
Weight 6598kg (Standard)
Length 4770mm
Width 2500mm
Height 3030mm
Wheelbase 2720mm
Tyres Rear 650/65R38 Front 540/65R28
Fuel tank (L) 330L diesel 38L AdBlue
Front end loader  
Brand Kubota Q6M
Hydraulic coupling Quick attach multi coupler
Attachment mounting Euro hitch, hydraulic optional
3rd service Standard
Boom suspension Yes, SoftDrive accumulator system 
Controls Electro-hydraulic joystick
Self-levelling Mechanical
Tractor weight/hp range 7000kg/120-200hp


  • Simple to operate
  • Increased hydraulic flow 110L/min
  • Heavy-duty 4-cylinder tractor, with increased engine efficiency
  • Available in Tier 4 or 2 engine
  • Good visibility from the 4-post cab
  • Upgraded seating and air conditioning for operator comfort
  • Great combo when paired with a loader like Kubota Q6M for all daily farm tasks


  • Electro-hydraulic loader control, depending on loader/model, takes a little to get used to
  • LED lights only on Premium models; a set of LED’s front and rear would be good on Deluxe version

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Photography: Michiel Rensen

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