Kubota NZ launches new Land Pride Rotary Cutter range

Kubota NZ has rolled out its folding Land Pride Rotary Cutter range, featuring the RC57 Series and RC46 Series

The new Land Pride RC5715 rotary cutter

The new range further broadens Kubota NZ’s product offering for large-scale and commercial customers.

The RC5715 is Land Pride’s new heavy-duty 15ft (4.6-metre) rotary cutter, designed for commercial applications such as stubble mulching or contract slashing of roadways.

The RC4620 with a 20ft (6.1-metre) working width compliments the broad line of folding cutters and is suited for wide area mowing such as air force bases and airports.

“All Land Pride Rotary Cutters are manufactured in the US and have been designed and tested to meet rigorous testing procedures,” says Shaun Monteith, Kubota New Zealand product specialist.

“The RC57 and RC46 Series feature high blade tip speed to ensure a high-quality finish and six-inch (15cm) blade overlap, which eliminates skipping during turns. Both Series are available in 540rpm and 1000RPM PTO speeds. A shredder kit is an optional accessory on both models and is ideal for breaking down crop residue.

“The RC5715 has a unique and user-friendly sliding guard on the splitter gearbox improving access to this area for maintenance.

“The Self-levelling Performance Hitch included on both models ensures a tight coupling with an exceptional range of movement. This is great for jobs on uneven terrain and reduces the wear on the drawbar.

“A narrow A-frame tongue also allows you to hit those tight turns, showing the versatility of this piece of equipment.

“Patented convenient flip spacers on the RC57 Series means you can quickly change the cut height and remove the need for donut-style spacers which can be easily lost.

“Deck Armor on the RC57 Series is another fantastic feature providing an additional layer of steel on the underside of the deck. This helps avoid deck damage from the blade without compromising cut quality.

Cut capacity on the RC57 Series is an impressive five inches (12.7cm), indicating the capability of this unit for demanding applications. The RC46 Series offers a three-inch (7.6cm) cut capacity.

“A smooth deck top on both series means less collected debris and leaves you with an easy-to-clean piece of equipment which is a real time saver,” Shaun says.

The RC57 and RC46 Series offer a seven-year Limited Gearbox Warranty providing additional confidence in gearbox integrity.

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