Kuhn celebrates 20 years

As the year draws to a close, Kuhn celebrates 20 years of its patented Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) technology

The unique technology, which is well established and proven in the industry, regulates product flow using electromagnetic torque sensors to control the rate of material falling to each disc separately. The system allows each field to get the right amount of fertiliser at the right rate, every time.


Throughout its history, the EMC system has won multiple international awards, including at Agritechnica, SIMA, ABRIBEX, and EIMA. In North America, the Axis H-EMC line of fertiliser spreaders was recognised by ASABE as one of 2015’s most innovative products because of the EMC system.


Today, Kuhn uses EMC technology on its Axis® and Axent™ precision fertiliser spreaders to help farmers around the world meet their spreading needs.

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