Profile: Kuhn EL402 R power tiller

The new Kuhn EL402 R power tiller is ideal for the fine tilth seedbed preparation demanded by speciality crops

Farms specialising in open-field market gardening require fine and regular soil preparation, mixing and turning in of large quantities of crop residues, and high work output.


The new Kuhn EL402 R power tiller, with a working width of six metres, adapted to tractors of up to 400hp, is ideal for the fine tilth seedbed preparation demanded by speciality crops. Its large diameter rotor (550mm) and 144 carbide-coated blades are essential assets to achieve this work.

In open-field market gardening, plot flood irrigation is common. This technique requires fields that are perfectly flat and levelled. Particular attention has been paid to this point for the development of the EL402 R:

  • For a perfect levelling between two passes, the EL402R has rollers larger than the width tilled by the rotors. This difference ensures a clean finish on the machine sides and that there are no ridges. 
  • There is an offset in the machine centre between the link of the two rotors and one of the two rollers. This results in a perfectly flat and levelled soil after the machine’s passage. 

Focus has been placed on the reliability of the machine’s components: cast iron gearboxes with built-in oil circulation system, reinforced drive shafts, cut-out clutches, metal face seals, and reinforced rotors.


The EL402 R power tiller is also equipped as standard with a monitoring unit. Installed in the cabin, it informs the driver if a torque limiter or oil temperature device is activated in one of the machine’s three gearboxes.

With a width of only three metres when folded and featuring a transport wheel, the EL402 R power tiller is easily adapted for road transport.

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