Kuhn launching new GA 15131 rake

Kuhn has announced the launch of its largest four-rotor trailed grass rake to date, with the new GA 15131 offering a maximum working width of 14.70 metres.

The GA 15131 Gyrorake adds to Kuhn’s existing range of grass rakes which includes the 12.5 metre trailed GA 13131 and the semi-mounted GA 8731 (8.60m working width) and GA 9531 (9.30m working width) machines.

The GA 15131 uses four 3.65-metre diameter rotors, the forward pair equipped with 13 tine arms and the rear pair with 15 tine arms. Each tine arm is fitted with four tines, giving a working width of 9.5 to 14.7 metres.

The new rake is designed to deliver a high work output, yet folds to a compact transport dimension of just 3.0 metres wide by 4.0 metres high and 10.90 metres in length. Raking height can be adjusted hydraulically as standard, with all four rotors powered by Kuhn’s headstock-mounted hydraulic drive unit which gives the option to increase front rotor speed by up to 20 percent when working in lighter crops.

The four rotors work together to create one perfectly formed central windrow (from 1.40 to 2.50 metres in width) and are controlled via a cab-mounted VT50 series terminal which is ISOBUS compatible and which allows operating sequences to be pre-programmed for easy U-turns. Each rotor can be lifted individually for a perfect finish and to give the machine high ground clearance for ease of manoeuvring and unhindered travel across uneven terrain.

Each rotor is mounted on four pivoting, large diameter wheels for excellent ground contouring with Kuhn’s Stabilift system allowing the individual rotors to be lowered parallel to the ground, even on rough terrain, so that the tines don’t come into contact with the soil – thereby preventing the crop from being contaminated with soil.

The rotor wheels sit close to the tines to further improve ground following, while a bogie axle and Kuhn’s 3D rotor suspension system provide even greater stability and closer ground contouring when working at high speeds.

The GA 15131 is characteristically robust and utilises Kuhn’s Masterdrive GIII gearbox to reduce power transfer stresses and provide reliable service with low maintenance: the Masterdrive’s patented two-stage design uses bevel and spur gear reduction and is totally enclosed for minimal maintenance – service intervals are every 200 hours.

The new rake requires a minimum tractor PTO power output of 115hp.

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