Global release: Kverneland Onyx cultivator

Mechanical weeding represents a game-changing approach to efficient and sustainable farming, and among the latest technology in this field is the Kverneland inter-row Onyx cultivator with Lynx guidance interface

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Designed for large performance with high accuracy, the Kverneland Onyx inter-row cultivator is fitted with a double H-shaped frame. The Onyx performs well even down to 12.5cm row width.

A constant depth control over the entire working width ensures the best results in row crops and cereals.

A wide range of shares in Hardox and Tungsten Carbide quality as well as a full range of accessories, such as ridger discs, side deflectors, and finger weeders are available.

Due to the largest diameter of gauge wheel in the market, any bulldozing effect is avoided.
Each element works independently, and if fitted with section control, up to 13 sections can automatically be lifted by ISOBUS.

Shallow tillage at two centimetres by the Onyx helps improve aeration of the soil as a prerequisite to physico-chemical reactions, such as humification or mineralisation of organic nitrogen.

The shallow tillage at 2cm by the Onyx improves aeration of the soil

Crops benefit from the increased nutrients available with positive impact on the yield.

By the flat-bed weeding, the Onyx creates an isolating layer to stop the capillary rising of water to the surface protecting the soil moisture within the seed layer. This is of major importance in dry areas and as a general benefit for the crop’s start and growth.

“The Kverneland Onyx inter-row cultivator works in case of resistance and can be used in row crops and cereals,” says Maxime Georges, Kverneland junior product manager.

“It will get as close to the plants as possible without damaging the crops by ensuring a straight line within the row. For different crops and row widths, a quick adaptation is possible, thanks to a strong modular concept on this machine.”

Lynx guidance

For utmost accuracy also with wider implements and when working in challenging geography on slopes, the Onyx inter-row cultivator can be combined with the Lynx guidance interface Lynx. Due to the lateral movement of up to 25cm on either side, precise weeding is ensured.

The Onyx performs well even down to 12.5cm row width

Lynx is equipped with a high-resolution, colorimetric analysis camera, Tillett & Hague technology, and an optional second camera can be added to protect the plants by keeping the machine on track, even in hilly conditions or on odd-shaped headlands.

There’s an optional crop feeler for working in developed crops. LED lights allow good working results in the dark.

Combining systems

To extend application possibilities, Kverneland offers combined systems of mechanical weeding with chemical crop care and fertiliser application.

The Kverneland Onyx can be combined with the Kverneland iXtra LiFe for band spraying or the application of liquid fertiliser.

In combination with Kverneland a-drill and f-drill, the simultaneous application of solid fertiliser or companion crop in one pass with the mechanical weeding process is possible.

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