Global release: Kverneland Rotago f-drill CB F

Kverneland has introduced a new folding coulter bar, the f-drill CB F. Together with the new Rotago F power harrow and f-drill front hopper models, this provides a perfect seeding combination

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Precision in seed and fertiliser placement is key to efficient and sustainable farming. Reducing the impact on land by less wheeling and soil movement, while ensuring high yields by accurate placement of seeds and fertiliser, have been critical objectives for the development of the new Kverneland f-drill CB F coulter bar. 

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Kverneland says the new f-drill CB F is the perfect match for the new Rotago F power harrow and is available in working widths from four to six metres.

The well-known CX-II or CX-II double-entry coulters are bolted to the toolbar to allow various sowing distances. The coulter bar can be ordered with 12.5cm and 25cm to meet the individual farm needs.

The new f-drill CB F is the perfect match for the new Rotago F power harrow

The flexible and individual depth setting of each CX-II coulter allows different sowing depths even within one working width. This is extremely important when sowing two different products in one pass, for example, rape at a shallow depth and companion crops, such as beans deeper.

For wet and sticky soils, a new alternative CX-II coulter is now available
as a cost-effective version without press wheel. The special curved design provides sufficient bearing capacity in light conditions.

Models are available in working widths from 4m to 6m

Depth adjustment and coulter pressure can be easily adapted by hydraulics or as ISOBUS version via the terminal. The CAT II easy connection allows quick coupling with the Rotago F power harrow. ISOBUS e-com software plug-and-play compatibility enables the f-drill CB F, the Rotago F power harrow, and the f-drill front hopper to be connected to any ISOBUS-compatible tractor, for fully functional use by the tractor’s own terminal or alternatively, Kverneland’s IsoMatch Tellus Pro or the IsoMatch Tellus GO+.

For better load balance and extra stability, a supporting wheel is available, which can be mounted to the coulter bar. No uncoupling of the top linkage is needed. The constant supporting force on the wheel ensures smooth run, legal transport weights and increases driver’s safety and comfort.

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