Landlogic partners with Horizon Agricultural Machinery

Landlogic partners with Horizon Agricultural Machinery to bring innovation and sustainability to NZ farmers

Alan Cottington

Landlogic, a leading agricultural machinery distributor in New Zealand, has announced a new partnership with Horizon Agricultural Machinery, a company driven by a passion for soil health and innovative equipment. This collaboration expands Landlogic’s product offering and brings cutting-edge machinery to farmers seeking solutions for regenerative agriculture and improved productivity.

Landlogic’s selection of Horizon aligns with its commitment to offering sustainable solutions for the agricultural industry. 

“We were drawn to Horizon’s dedication to building machines that promote soil health and enhance profitability,” says Landlogic CEO Alan Cottington.

“This perfectly aligns with our vision and values, and we’re excited to provide these innovative solutions to our dealer network.”

Of the partnership, Horizon Agricultural Machinery’s head of sales, Charlie Eaton, says, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Landlogic and look forward to helping more New Zealand farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices.”

Horizon DSX

Introducing the Horizon line-up

Through this partnership, Landlogic’s dealer network gains access to a range
of advanced machinery from Horizon, including:

  • PPX precision planter: Featuring leading technology from precision planting and unique row units, the PPX delivers precise seed placement and improved efficiency.
  • SPX strip-till cultivator: Designed for minimal soil disturbance, the SPX provides an ideal planting environment while managing residue and improving soil health.
  • DSX direct drill: Combining advanced seeding technology with robust construction, the DSX tackles harsh conditions and delivers exceptional no-till drilling results.

These products offer cutting-edge technology and customisable options to meet the diverse needs of farmers across New Zealand.

Horizon SPX

Benefits for dealers

This partnership offers numerous advantages for Landlogic’s dealer network.

  • Expanded product portfolio: Dealers gain access to a diverse range of machinery, catering to “open field” agriculture and attracting new customer segments.
  • Competitive edge: Horizon machines offer unique features and address key industry challenges, giving dealers a competitive edge in the market.
  • Ongoing innovation: Horizon’s commitment to continuous development ensures dealers have access to the latest technology and solutions.
Horizon PPX

Benefits for farmers

  • Sustainable farming: Horizon machinery promotes soil health, reduces input costs, and increases profitability through regenerative practices.
  • Advanced technology: Farmers gain access to cutting-edge planting and cultivation solutions for improved efficiency and yield potential.
  • Reliable equipment: Horizon’s robust construction and dedication to quality ensure reliable performance and durability.

To find out more about the new partnership and Horizon machinery, contact Landlogic directly or visit

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