Launch NZ Innovation profile: Fleetpin Rollover Safety System

Fleetpin's Rollover Safety System is designed to detect roll situations before they happen

Fleetpin Rollover Safety System was an entrant in the Launch NZ Innovations Award, for its rollover warning and critical alerting system, designed for quad bikes, side-by-sides, and other farm vehicles.

The Launch NZ Innovation Award recognises agribusiness products being launched to the New Zealand market by small- to medium-size businesses.


Fleetpin is 100% New Zealand-owned and the Rollover Safety System is designed to detect roll situations before they happen, providing visual and audible warnings to help reduce roll incidents.

The development of the Fleetpin rollover sensor module can determine the orientation of a quad bike or vehicle in 3D space and check this information many hundreds of times per second. The module can be configured for different vehicle types with roll warning thresholds suited for safe operation. Firmware on the module can be updated as improvements are made and features are added.

When a roll is detected, the system automatically starts a 15-second countdown process to send out an SOS alert to get help. The operator can easily cancel this automated alert with the press of a button if they are OK and do not need help.


To maximise the ability of the system to raise the alarm in remote areas, Fleetpin uses a separate satellite transmitter module – the FleetSat. The module is IP67-rated for water resistance and durability in harsh environments. Initial testing shows that SOS messages from this device can be received via satellite in as quickly as 30 seconds and even under tricky situations where the transmitter is not positioned optimally (i.e. towards the sky).

The Fleetpin Rollover Safety System can easily be integrated with Fleetpin’s innovative Remote Fleet Tracking and Asset Utilisation systems, supporting farm management with data about where their vehicles are located, how they are being used, and additional health and safety operational benefits.

After necessary modifications are made from field testing results, Fleetpin will be looking to launch the rollover safety module and connection system into production around September 2020.​​

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