Video: Lemken Zirkon

Check out this very short video of the Lemken Zirkon being towed by a new Kubota M7-1 tractor on a farm in Matamata.

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A recently harvested maize paddock just out of Matamata was the test site for the Lemken power harrow/ripper combination. With the latest 150hp Kubota M7 series hooked on, conditions for ground work were excellent. The maize stubble had been mulched, removing the bulk of the trash, but build up and blockages through the day were not an issue for the Lemken combo. The build and innovative design features are standout points of the Lemken gear I have seen.

Operation is pretty straightforward – select 1000 PTO speed. The only downside of the winged Dolomit ripper in front of the power harrow is that it is a little harder to leave the headlands tidy without lifting the ripper legs.

Read the full test in issue #231 of Farm Trader magazine. Subscribe here.

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