New arrival: LOVOL tractors land in NZ

Newly arrived in New Zealand is the LOVOL line-up of tractors, imported by nationwide distributor Metrade Limited, a local Kiwi company

The E-series tractors range in power from 25hp to 50hp

This recently landed line-up was showcased at Northland Field Days and will be available to view at National Agricultural Field Days at Mystery Creek Events Centre in June.

The full LOVOL offering of tractors ranges from 25hp to 500hp, with larger model tractors set to arrive in New Zealand later this year.

Founded in 1998 and based in China, research and development centres for LOVOL can be found in Italy, Japan, and China. With more than 15,000 employees, Weichai LOVOL Intelligent Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd. (LOVOL) is one of the largest agricultural machinery enterprises, with the most complete product lines, in China.

The B-series tractors range in power from 40hp to 75hp

Focusing on intelligent agricultural machinery and intelligent agriculture, LOVOL tractors also have the advantage of support from parent company Weichai Group’s expertise in new technology fields, such as hydraulic electric control, CVT powertrain, new energy, and intelligent driving.

LOVOL’s E- and B-series tractors are ideally suited to lifestyle and hobby farm works.
The E-series tractors range in power from 25hp to 50hp, boasting a diverse array of models. These tractors can be connected with different implements and are generally suitable for garden maintenance, mowing, lawn planting, basic fence construction, small-scale livestock farms, and farm planting.

The LOVOL B-series tractors range in power from 40hp to 75hp. Boasting a bigger body and additional cab space to the E-series, this range is suitable for small-to-medium farms. The tractors are equipped with an efficient high-torque four-cylinder GDI engine, a more robust chassis, and a synchroniser gearbox, making operation smoother and bringing strong durability and reliability.

The B-series features a bigger body and additional cab space

Metrade Limited is a New Zealand local company. It’s a LOVOL-authorised New Zealand distributor aiming to bring affordable quality machinery and equipment into Aotearoa.
Expressions of interest are invited for local dealerships.

LOVOL profile

  • Founded in 1998
  • R&D centres in Italy, Japan, and China
  • Total assets of USD 2.4 billion
  • Businesses in more than 128 countries and regions
  • 15,000+ employees
  • Established 500+ channels and 3000+ retailers globally
  • 6,000,000+ units cumulative production and sales
  • In 2023, the sales volume was 117,000 units; operating income was USD $2.04 billion
  • Tractor ranges from 25hp to 500hp  

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