Massey Ferguson MF5465 tractor

With extra power, this Dyna 4 model offers added flexibility around the farm

  • Simple to use
  • Very quiet cab with good visibility
  • Six-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, intercooled turbocharger with common rail fuel injection technology
  • 16-speed transmission system
  • Easy access engine

The Massey Fergusson Dyna 4 and Dyna 6 tractors have been on the market for several years and are already proving themselves in the field.

Both models come in a range of four or six-cylinder options with differing specification levels to best suit the farmer or contractor.

Our test tractor was supplied by Hamilton-based dealer Waikato Tractors to Stephen Fullerton, of Ohaupo. Fullerton runs a reasonably large dairy farming operation, and likes to do as much tractor work on the farm as possible to reign in costs.

The extra power from the 135hp MF5465 Dyna 4 offers greater flexibility around the farm. As a result it has the most implements, including a power harrow, rotary hoe, use of Fullerton’s brother’s four furrow reversible plough, spay unit, trailers, mowers, roller drill, and a mixing wagon.

During my visit the MF5465 Dyna 4 was coupled to a Keenan Klassik II feed mixing wagon, with a concoction of kiwifruit, palm kernel, hay and maize blended with minerals.

Fullerton shopped around and came back to the MF5465 Dyna 4 for two main reasons; price, and simplicity of use.

As soon as I climbed up the basic step ladder into the spacious cab and closed the door, most of the sound vanished. I reckon the Dyna 4 and Dyna 6 tractors are the quietest tractors of all I’ve tested. I liked the cab because the floor is flat, there’s space to put things and the seat is located slightly back, almost over the three-point linkage. Many will enjoy the near horizontal viewing window directly below the rear of the seat, giving it especially good visibility of the working end of your tractor.

Overall, the lack of an interior light is his biggest issue, although there is a small door light.

Fullerton says, “On the whole it is a lower spec tractor. We’ve certainly tested it and now it would have done about 630 hours, so it’s done a lot of work. Waikato Tractors has looked after me well with service; every time I’ve rung and wanted something done they’re out here. And that was all part of it, too.”

It doesn’t have a headland management system and a host of other features you’ll find in the more expensive Dyna 6, however that’s not the point as the MF5465 Dyna 4 is offered as a basic-spec tractor.

With a medium-sized trailer hitched on the back, I was surprised how well the longer wheelbase MF5465 Dyna 4 navigated through some tight turns around the yards. On the races and along the road the MF5465 easily pulled the heavy Keenan mixer, although, understandably, its braking performance reflected the 4.5-tonne load it carried.

Driving the MF5465 Dyna 4 is a big six-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, utilising an intercooled turbocharger with common rail fuel injection technology feeding into four valves per cylinder for power, and fuel efficiency. The 6.6-litre Tier III powerplant is rated to produce ISO 130hp with a torque output of 543Nm, going up to 140hp and 585Nm with the transport boost in third and fourth gears.

Driving up a slope in third ratio with the mixer on wasn’t any great strain, with the motor only dropping a thousand revs, from 1700rpm. In the paddock a major benefit is that the engine will hold onto its gear for longer without necessitating a gear change but, when you do, you’ll know the 5400kg Massey Fergusson won’t stop while you manually change gear – thanks to the 40kmh Dyna 4 16-speed transmission system.

There are four gears in each of the four ranges, with manual or automatic transmission settings. In either mode, use the shuttle lever and push the right-hand ‘T’ bar forward to move forward. To change up simply push the ‘T’ bar forward, and the opposite to change down.

On the dash is a four-segment A, B, C, D light panel to tell you which range you’re in. To make a range change, toggle the ‘T’ bar-mounted switch with your right thumb as you also push the same ‘T’ bar forward. The tractor will automatically sense the load and speed-match the transmission as you go up or down the ranges to ensure the tractor is accelerating or decelerating at the correct rate.

This is one of the few tractors with a dial where you can select the delay and rate of start-off take-up for loader work, or anything else.

At the back is a pair of high capacity 57 or 100 litre/min open centre hydraulic outlets, compared to the continuously variable closed centre hydraulic system on larger tractors that usually run more than two hydraulic outlets.

Each rear guard has linkage rise and fall buttons but not a PTO start. To access the motor, it’ll take less than 45 seconds to lift the rear hinged-bonnet and remove both engine side panels, then about 15s to pull a couple of levers for full access to the radiators.

Brief Specifications

Drive 4WD Engine manufacturer Perkins Tier II No of cylinders 6 Engine displacement (cc) 6600 Engine horsepower (hp) 120 Rated speed (rpm) 130hp @ 2000rpm Fuel tank capacity (litres) 150

PTO type Independent PTO speeds 540/540E, 1000/1000E

Transmission type Dyna 4, powershuttle Number of speeds (fwd – rev) Four powershifts per range Speed range (km/h) 40 Clutch type Wet


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