New release: Massey Ferguson telehandler range

A redesigned cab and a host of fresh options feature in the launch of Massey Ferguson’s new range of six telehandlers, in its popular TH Series

Taking some influence from the new Massey Ferguson 8S tractor series, this latest generation features a similar stylish cab and a number of new options, including in the transmission.

The engineers really focused on the operator, with additional automation for the boom suspension, parking brake, boom height setting, and third hydraulic function controls.

Six new Massey Ferguson TH Series telehandlers have just been released

All models are powered by advanced four-cylinder, Stage V engines, with power increasing to 135hp on the MF TH 6534, MF TH 7038, and MF TH 8043, while remaining at 100hp for the other models.

The two nimble semi-compact models TH 6030 and TH 7030, measuring just 2.1 metres wide by 2.1 metres high, are ideal for working in confined spaces and traditional farm buildings. These two machines and the larger, MF TH 7035, are powered by a 100hp engine and with a 100 litres/min hydraulic flow provide a three-tonne lift capacity.

The MF TH 6030 can hoist loads to six metres and up to seven metres for the MF TH 7030, while the larger MF TH 7035 has a 3.5-tonne lift capacity up to seven metres.

All models are equipped with 190 litres/min load-sensing hydraulics and, depending on model, offer lift heights from 6.5 up to 7.5 metres and lift capacities of 3.4 up to 4.3 tonnes on the MF TH 8043, which can also be equipped with a 3500-litre capacity bucket.

Cab makeover

The new cab features a more rounded, asymmetric structure with easy access through a wider opening door

Designed specifically to offer MF TH operators the next level of comfort and control, the completely new cab features a more rounded, asymmetric structure with easy access through a wider opening door.

Operators now sit comfortably on the new standard air-suspended seat. A heated seat option, coming from MF tractors, responds automatically to the severity of the bumps and has automatic height and weight adjustment.

The spacious cab is now much quieter at all operating speeds and conditions, including when the windows are open. Measurements show a significant reduction of 1.5dBA on road and up to 2-3dBA during loading operations, along with a reduced noise intensity and tone.

There is superb visibility, thanks to the special curved cab design, and a new, lower profile engine bonnet shape maintains a completely unobstructed view to the rear three-quarter right-hand side. New mirrors, mounted at a higher position, provide a better view of what’s behind, while a removable floor mat reduces noise and is easy to clean.

Options include an integral cool box, electric right-hand mirror, and a lateral wiper, to further improve the view to the side and mirrors.

Control ease

All models are equipped with 190L/min load-sensing hydraulics

All MF TH telehandlers now come with the exclusive left-hand MF Power Control lever as standard. Exactly the same as that used on all Massey Ferguson tractors, it sits conveniently just under the steering wheel and with fingertip-operation performs three functions: shuttle forwards and backwards, shift hydrostatic speed ranges up and down and select neutral.

This leaves the right hand free to control loading operations, while a flick of a finger on the left-hand controls the transmission.

A new standard five-inch colour terminal clearly displays operating information and can be used to select the steering modes, which include a new semi-crab setting. An intuitive menu makes it easy to navigate between settings, while the view from the optional rear camera, with safety guidelines, automatically appears when reverse is selected.

Further functions are available from the optional seven-inch display terminal, which allows operators to select the steering mode and the hydraulic flow or sequence from the screen, as well as view detailed job management information for tasks and operators. It also comes with a Bluetooth connection and an integral phone mic installed on the dash, along with integrated radio and music settings.

Precise joystick

New joystick specifically developed for the MF TH Series

Specifically developed for the MF TH Series, the ergonomic multi-function joystick delivers smooth control, requiring at least 20% less effort than its predecessor. This enables effortless and precise operation of the hydraulics and transmission.

A simple three-position rocker on the rear face is used to select forward, reverse, and neutral. These replicate the same functions on the MF Power Control lever, providing a choice of how to change direction and control the transmission.

A new bucket shake option, controlled by a button on the joystick, helps to quickly fill and empty the bucket. The shake response is linked to the joystick movement, allowing operators to control the amount of action and its time.

Just behind the joystick, on the console, is the MF TH control pad with clear and simple buttons use to navigate the new display screen. Radio and telephone volume control is also found here when seven-inch terminal option selected.

To the right of the new joystick is the new hand throttle. Introduced to fulfil customer demand, this also plays a big role in the transmission control.

A new armrest-mounted joystick option allows users to take full advantage of the extra comfort from the suspended seat. This can be angled to suit operators’ preferences.

New transmission modes

The MF TH 6030 can hoist loads to 6m

This latest generation MF TH Series introduces a completely new way to operate the hydrostatic transmission, which is fitted to all models. Now, with the addition of the new hand throttle, operators can set the desired engine speed and then use the pedal to vary the travel speed of the telehandler.

Enhanced control is offered by the Dynamic Drive, which changes the shuttle aggressiveness and throttle response. This enables operators to choose how quickly or slowly the transmission responds to match the application or conditions.

Other improvements to the unique four-range transmission enable it to respond more smoothly and precisely to millimetre accuracy.

Powerful hydraulics

All models are powered by advanced four-cylinder engines

A powerful load-sensing hydraulic system supplies up to 190 litres/min on the 135hp machines and 100 litres/min for the 100hp models, with proportional electro-hydraulic control on all functions delivering optimum accuracy and productivity.

This delivers superb lifting performance even at low engine speeds, with Massey Ferguson’s SHS (Smart Handling System) allowing operators to set the maximum flow for smooth and accurate operation. Cushion Retract ensures a smoother action and extends the life of the components. An additional electric control can be specified to provide a fourth and fifth service to operate demanding implements, such as straw choppers and feeding buckets.

“MF TH telehandlers already have a strong reputation for excellent performance, productivity, visibility, and manoeuvrability,” says Thierry Lhotte, vice president and managing director Massey Ferguson, Europe and Middle East.

“These new models now introduce the most exciting developments in 10 years’ of MF TH production. This is not just an upgrade; it’s a breakthrough.

“The MF TH Series is completely transformed. Now equipped with a high comfort cab, this new generation delivers outstanding comfort and control, combined with smoother operation and additional automation.”

The Massey Ferguson TH Series of telehandlers are due to arrive in New Zealand in early 2022.

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