McCormick XTX 145 E-plus tractor

The XTX is an easy to drive tractor that would be suited to large scale farmers towing big feed wagons, or contractors wanting a capable tractor they can put anybody in without too much training

  • Simple armrest controls for transmission, hydraulics, three-point linkage and hand throttle
  • Eight-speed power shift with four ranges
  • Electronically controlled tier 3 engine
  • Quiet cab
  • Hydraulic cab suspension
  • High lift one-piece bonnet

Under the bonnet is a Beta Power 6.7L Tier 3 compliant engine, running common rail fuel injection and electronic engine management. It produces 145hp/106kW, with an extra power boost of up to 156hp/115kW when doing PTO work.

McCormick has upgraded to a four-range, eight-speed power shift transmission on the XTX, giving 32 forward and 24 reverse speeds and a 40km/h top speed. On the E-plus model, gear changes are easily controlled by the traditional steering column, mounted forward and reverse lever, and two buttons on the armrest mounted joy stick.

There are also a few electronic aids that come in handy when using this transmission, including the ability to pre-select a different reverse gear to the forward gear I was using. This came in handy when manoeuvring the tractor at the headlands of the paddock, automatically speeding up the tractor when reversing then back and the right forward gear without having to change gears. Also, it is possible to programme what gear the tractor starts off in every time you get in. And, the auto-roading function automatically changes between the eight gears in fourth range when on the road.

Inside the cab

The cab is now four-post with bigger doors and improved visibility, although I found it a little awkward getting past the passenger seat, which protrudes out a bit in its folded position.

Electronically controlled hydraulic cab suspension was fitted on the XTX I drove, and this seemed to work well. The test tractor didn’t have the front suspension option, but quietly went about its business of giving me a smooth ride.

The multi-function armrest that controls gears, hand throttle, three-point linkage and all five auxiliary hydraulic valves is a welcome addition to the McCormick cab.

There is no climate air in the XTX, it still runs manual air conditioning, which works very well with plenty of vents keeping the cab cool. Other features include control of 4WD and diff lock by three-point linkage lift height and/or steering angle, which means fewer things to do at the headlands.

The cab that has a low noise level of 70db and even when I was using the power harrow, there was very little vibration.


McCormick has revamped the styling on the XTX, with a new one-piece bonnet that folds right up out of the way, giving excellent access to the engine for routine maintenance. Separating the radiators for cleaning still requires the use of a spanner.

Three-point linkage and PTO

The three-point linkage on the XTX was easy to use and adjust, and doesn’t require any tools. It also has an auto lock on one sway bar when lifted, stopping the power harrow from swinging around.

The three-point linkage has a lift capacity of 8000kg.

The XTX comes with a two-speed (540/1000) PTO putting out 135 maximum horse power on the XTX 145 and has an easy to change, no mess, dry reversible stub shaft with six- and 21-spline options.

McCormick has stayed with the full chassis design on the XTX, meaning a wheel base of 2875mm and overall weight of 7220kg including front weights, which make the XTX a solid, well balanced tractor.

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Engine type BETAPOWER Tier 3 Electronic high pressure common rail
Max engine power 145hp/106kW
Engine power with power management for PTO 156hp/115kW
Max torque (with power management) 632Nm (705)
Torque backup (with power management) 40% (45%)
Displacement (cm3/cylinders/valves) 6.728/6/24
Fuel tank capacity 300L
Clutch Multi-disc wet clutch
Transmission Autoroading + rev shuttle 32V + 34R (8 powershift speeds) (E/E-plus version)
Max steering angle 55 degrees
Turning radius 4900mm
Hydraulic flow 110L/min
Max lift capacity 8000kg
Height over cab 2900mm
Wheel base 2752mm
Max length (with ballast weights) 5209mm
Ground clearance 505mm
Min width 2495mm
Total weight (without ballast weights) 6500kg



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