Moreni power harrows in NZ

Italian brand Moreni are world leaders in production of power harrows, equipped to work in all types of conditions


“Moreni are power harrows and power harrows are Moreni” − or so say Italian power harrow manufacturer Moreni. This confidence in its machinery is well founded, with Moreni having an international reputation for innovation and constant improvement.

World leaders in the production of power harrows, Moreni do not believe in compromise: in materials, components, or results. This commitment to building the best power harrows in the world is instantly obvious when you first sight the Moreni power harrow offerings, backed up by equally solid results in the paddock, making it hard to argue that they are not the best power harrows available.

Thanks to its Gear System and quality materials, Moreni’s power harrows are equipped to work in all types of soil and in combination with high power. In addition to its comprehensive power harrow range, Moreni offer the Sharp 120 pneumatic air seeder to complement its vineyard power harrows.

Moreni power harrows are available exclusively from JJ Limited.

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