New Giant TGT5048 features the latest technology

Giant's new telehandler features the latest technology

The new Giant TGT5048 telehandler

The new Giant TGT5048, a 2×2-meter telehandler, features the latest technology and a lifting height of 4.8 meters. Powered by a new (and over 10% stronger) Kubota diesel engine with 36 kW/50hp, the new engine has a larger displacement and higher torque at a lower speed.

This provides more pulling power at the bottom, gives a lower noise level, and also increases the driving speed to 28km/h. To keep emissions to a minimum and to meet Stage V emission standards, it’s equipped with a catalytic converter (DOC) and a particulate filter (DPF).

The telehandler has hydrostatic all-wheel drive with automotive steering

The telehandler has hydrostatic all-wheel drive with automotive steering through eight-tonne axles and a heavy planetary final drive. The new engine box is 2cm wider and 4cm longer, with the air inlet enlarged for optimum cooling of the engine.

The exhaust has been repositioned and is now positioned at the top, next to the lift arm, for good drainage and to prevent dust from developing under the machine. The GT5048 can also be equipped with a reversible cooling fin to remove dirt and dust particles in the radiator.

The new telehandler has a lifting height of 4.8m

With a width of 1.6 meters and a height of 1.97 meters (with cabin), the GT5048 falls into the 2×2-meter class for compact telehandlers. Thanks to four-wheel steering, the machine has a limited turning circle (inner radius of 1200mm).

This makes it easy to work with the machine in small spaces or indoors. Optionally, the telehandler can be equipped with two-wheel steering and a dog walk so that it can easily be moved sideways along a wall.

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