New grass kit from Claas

Claas recently released updates to its forage equipment range in Germany .... we find out more ...

From the smallest mowers and rakes to the firm’s largest balers, Claas has introduced a raft of updates to its forage equipment range for the next season.

Claas -005-Quadrant

And at a farm close to the company’s Harsewinkel headquarters in Germany, the company gave the ag press and dealers from around the world the chance to see the new kit first-hand.

Latest Corto drum models

Claas -001-Corto

Although Disco disc mowers account for a large proportion of its mower sales, Claas says drum mower demand remains significant, and it has now brought some disc mower features into its latest Corto drum models.

A new 3.05m Corto 310F front mower now sits alongside the Corto 3200F, incorporating 3D contour following based on integrated lateral and longitudinal linkage geometry. Swath disc adjustment has been simplified, and it’s possible to fit a second set of swath discs for narrow swaths.

Crop flow is said to have been improved and flexible rubber collision protection has been added. A new option, carried across from the Disco disc mowers, is Active Float hydraulic suspension.

Meanwhile, the Corto 310 rear mower has been replaced by the 3.05m Corto 3200 Contour, which features two large and two small drums.

Features include a main pivot point sited at the centre of gravity, designed to work in combination with the standard Active Float suspension. Options include hydraulic transport locking and an upright parking frame with castor rollers.

Claas has also updated the 1.85m Corto 190 rear drum mower to include folding protective covers on both sides, mechanical break back protection, and a parking stand. Options include spring suspension and hydraulic headland lift.

Volto 55 to replace Volto 52

 Claas -002-Volto

Also new for next season is a 5.2m model Claas tedder, the Volto 55. Replacing the Volto 52, its four 1.5m-diameter rotors feature 29-degree angled Max Spread tines for greater crop movement, said to allow reduced engined speed, increased forward speed and higher throughputs.

Liner 320 the new single-rotor rake

Claas -003-Liner

Lastly, for 2018 in mowers, rakes, and tedders is a new single-rotor rake, the 3.2m Liner 320. Eight tine arms each have three 9mm diameter spring tines clamped in place using a cotter pin. Working height is adjusted using a lockable hand crank. The standard single axle is fitted with 16/6.5-8 tyres; a tandem axle is optional.

New version of the Rollant 455 Uniwrap baler

Claas also unveiled a new film wrap version of its Rollant 455 Uniwrap baler at its German launch event. Net wrapping remains possible as before, along with a fast changeover system for alternating between net and film wrapping without any conversion operation.

Another new feature included as standard in the new round baler is the roll ramp to ease roll-loading. The film wrapping process is exactly the same as the familiar net wrapping operation – only the material is different. Once the bale in the bale chamber has reached the desired size, it’s automatically wrapped in up to eight layers of film. Unlike the net system, the film layers project a few centimetres over the side edges of the bale.

During the subsequent wrapping of the bale on the wrapping table, this means it’s no longer necessary to apply six layers of wrap in the usual way, thereby saving on the amount of film. Film wrapping also does away with the process of separating net and film when the bale is opened, for easier handling and tidy disposal of the bale wrap.

Claas -004-Rollant

The more secure the storage facilities available, the fewer layers of film are required, and the number of layers can be pre-determined. The system allows the selection of anything, from 1.2 to 8.0 winding layers, adjustable at any time by the driver in the cab.

Film wrapping is also said to reduce the levels of oxygen in the bale, with potential benefits for the fermentation rate. For customers who prefer to use different wrapping systems, the operator can change over from net to film wrapping and vice versa in a matter of moments.

The driver simply has to change the setting on the cab terminal and load the required wrapping material in the baler. The film feed and start of wrapping processes take place completely automatically. The extent of film stretching required can also be set on the terminal in the cab.

New options for Quadrant square balers

The final 2018 forage equipment launch from Claas was a number of new options for Quadrant 4200, 5200, and 5300 big square balers, including the availability of integrated bale weighing and a seven-light LED system. In addition, availability of the firm’s pull-out knife drawer has been extended to the Quadrant 4200 model.

Bales can be weighed at vehicle speeds of up to 20km/h and the maximum measurement value error under normal working conditions is +/-5 kg. The driver can read the individual bale weight directly from the ISOBUS control terminal display in the cab, and all bale weights are saved according to job or area, as supporting data for the contractor when billing the customer.

In addition, using the Claas Telematics system the bale weight data can be used to generate the total area yield and the yield distribution by individual field, showing the bale location and the individual bale weights, along with the bale moisture level.

Arion and Axion 900 Tractors Updated

Claas -007-Axion -900

Other Claas updates are to its Arion 500 four-cylinder and 600 six-cylinder mid-horsepower tractors, and revisions to the Axion 900 line at the top of its conventional range.

Claas -006-Arion

The move also sees the brand introduce new spec levels and a new touchscreen operating terminal.

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