New Holland T7550 tractor

We test the New Holland T7550, the flagship model for the T7500 series

  • Smooth responsive CVT transmission
  • Range of transmission adjustments
  • Logical cab layout
  • Reverse fan
  • Adjustable Front suspension
  • Cab suspension
  • Performance monitor
  • Factory mounted front linkage and PTO
  • Easy service access
  • Large lift capacity

Following on from the success of the TVT series, New Holland recently renamed its original CVT tractors from the TVT to the T7500 series. The T7550 is the revamped TVT 195.


During our test, the T7550 was coupled with the Strautmann Giga-Vitesse loader wagon, giving us a good idea as to how the tractor performed under load.

The T7500 series are among the best equipped tractor ranges available as factory standard. This means you can get the benefit of things like reverse fan, electronic SCVs, arm rest control, front and cab suspension, electric heated mirrors and six remotes all standard.

Cab layout is practical and the controls are grouped logically, so becoming familiar with the working environment doesn’t take long. The Auto Controller armrest allows push button access to key transmission and hydraulic functions.

I thought the cab was quite loud and is by no means the biggest I have been in (nor the smallest), but for a tall guy like myself, space is limited. Access and storage are also restricted due to the large fixed passenger seat over the left hand wheel arch.

Engine and appearance

The performance of the tractor can be monitored by the computer screen on the “A” pillar of the cab (behind the exhaust). Functions like transmission information display, fuel consumption, transmission control speed selected, Headland Turn Sequence function (if engaged) and individual flow rates to the electronically controlled remote valves. Shuttle direction and draft control position indicators are also shown. A second indication panel is incorporated into the main dash, showing area covered, PTO speed, wheel slip, fuel consumption and other performance related data.

The T7500 models are currently the only tractors in the line-up with CVT transmission, and the Auto Command™ transmission is a major draw card for buyers.

The travel speed is controlled by the foot throttle. Both engine speed and the transmission adjust automatically to optimise performance and economy in either manual or cruise control. “Active StopStart” allows the tractor to be brought to a complete standstill, even on a steep incline, simply by taking your foot off the throttle.

For fixed speed applications, i.e. hedge mulching, the transmission has a choice of three speed ranges for greater drive pedal sensitivity. This can be enhanced by up to three Cruise Control modes; a choice of 0-14kph, 0-25kph and 0-50kph.

Another good feature of this transmission is that the top speed of 50kph can be achieved at only 1890rpm, but when you encounter a hill the boost kicks in to ensure travel speed remains constant.

Under the bonnet is the 6.6-litre, six-cylinder engine that powers our test tractor to just under 200hp. Over and above this is the Engine Power Management, which boosts this figure to 220hp to ensure PTO speed and engine revs remain constant when the high pressure common rail engine comes under load.

Linkage and PTO

Our test tractor was equipped with a fully integrated front linkage and PTO system. A reverse fan or “Eco-Fan” was also fitted and is beneficial when operating front mounted equipment. The Eco-Fan benefits from “variable blade pitch” technology where the amount of air drawn through the radiators is automatically adjusted according to temperature.

The ride in the cab could not have been more comfortable with an air suspended seat, Terraglide™ front suspension and Comfort Ride™ cab suspension. The ride was pleasant at a top speed of 53kph on the road with a full wagon load, and the tractor handled very well with responsive steering at high speed.

Another feature I liked was that the suspension can be locked for applications with front linkage work which reduces wear and tear on the moving front suspension parts.

Four PTO speeds, to provide 540 and 1000rpm and economy speeds, in both PTO speeds are standard. Rear PTO includes an Auto PTO system, which cuts drive to the implement when the linkage is raised. The system will re-engage drive when the linkage is lowered to a fixed point.

On the T7500 series you can store two programmes, each up to 30 operations performed at the headland. These can include raising and lowering the hitch, remote valve operation, controlling the Auto PTO and even activating the reverse fan.

Another feature I found great on these tractors is the fender mounted control of hydraulic remotes to make mounting and un-mounting implements easy. On the front linkage this function is also standard, along with external control of the lifting and lowering of the front linkage arms.

The Series T7500 is hard to beat for sheer hydraulic lifting performance, bearing a maximum lift capacity of 9900kg. Our test tractor had nine auxiliary valves – six rear, three front, all delivering 105L/min. All remotes are programmable in the panel in the armrest. Two valves can be controlled via a joystick on the arm rest and our test tractor had a third service button on the joystick for use of the front mounted buck rake.

One negative factor about the test tractor was the turning circle. This is caused by a mixture of large 600/65 R28 front tyres and fixed rims (which are compulsory with 50kph transmission and front linkage).

See a range of New Holland tractors for sale here.


Engine 6-cyclinder, turbocharged with intercooler Capacity (cc)/ bore x stroke (mm) 6600 / 108 x 120 Rated engine power (kW/hp) 144 / 196 Rated engine speed (rpm) 2100 Maximum engine power (kW/hp) 145 / 197 Maximum torque (Nm) 792 Fuel capacity (L) 310 Transmission type Continuously variable transmission


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