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New Holland is now offering the proven Auto Command continuously variable transmission on its flagship T9 Series tractors

The eight-model series includes five agricultural models and two scrapers. The line-up develops maximum outputs ranging from 429 boosted horsepower to the 605 boosted horsepower of the range-topping T9.600 AC. This easy-to-operate tractor takes productivity, efficiency and versatility to an entirely new level.

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“We’ve heard from our customers who operate both our 4WD tractors and other New Holland tractors with Auto Command transmissions about how much they appreciate the efficiency and versatility of the Auto Command transmission, but wondered why it was not available for the T9 series,” said Rod Gardner, national sales manager for New Holland Hay and Harvest.

Maximum efficiency with easy-to-use Auto Command transmission

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The Auto Command transmission provides seamless speed changes with the most intuitive operating logic in the market.

The transmission has been engineered to perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during draft work, secondary cultivation activities, high speed in-field work and transport activities. Advanced double clutch control further enhances efficiency.

Automated efficiency features make operation simple and intuitive, while optimising performance: target speed adjustment to match the exact needs of the task at hand is perfect when moving between fields; target speed selection enables the operator to switch between three target speeds. Meanwhile, four driving modes – Auto, Cruise, PTO, Manual – enable the operator to optimise either the task or fuel efficiency.

The fully integrated IntelliSteer auto-guidance maximises productivity and efficiency, enabling parallel pass-to-pass accuracy as precise as one to two centimetres.

Seamless productivity and versatility

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The Auto Command transmission automatically adjusts engine power and ground speed for maximum productivity to match the requirements of the application.

In transport, Auto Command helps the T9 accelerate quickly up to approximately 40km/h at an efficient 1650rpm, giving an advantage over other transmissions. The excellent slow speed operation and precise speed control with the stepless ranges result in best-in-class productivity in specialty applications.

The intuitive automatic control of engine power and ground speed, the seamless speed adjustment, and the clutchless braking dramatically reduces operator fatigue and boosts productivity.

Auto Command also offers the advanced Active StopStart safety feature that prevents the tractor moving backwards or forwards when it is brought to a standstill, even with a heavy load. Also, there is no risk of roll back on steep inclines when starting again.

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