New Kubota line-up

Kubota’s new BX80 range is set to be launched in New Zealand next year, bringing three new tractor models: BX2380, BX2680, and BX23S.

The line-up leads Kubota’s sub-compact tractor class with its exclusive Swift-Tach loader and Swift-Connect backhoe as standard equipment.

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“We are thrilled that the new BX80-Series has finally arrived. They are a superior product compared to anything currently in the sub-compact market,” Shaun Monteith, sales manager for Kubota agricultural equipment New Zealand, says.

“Kubota’s previous line, the BX70-Series, built its stellar reputation based on the fact that it’s the little orange tractor that would run forever. Now, Kubota has upped the ante with the new BX80-Series, taking the sub-compact category to a whole new level with its new Swift-Tach loader, Swift-Connect backhoe, and Easy-Over mower deck option.

“Across the dealer network, anticipation has been building for the arrival of new BX80-Series. We anticipate them to move quickly off our showroom floors.”

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The BX2380 and BX2680 are equipped with a rollover protection system, which conveniently fits through most standard 2.135-metre high garage door openings. The BX2380 and BX2680 deliver 23hp and 25.5hp respectively. 

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