New Kuhn release dedicated to helping improve harvesting quality

With growing emphasis on the importance of hay and forage harvesting, Kuhn has released its new Optidisc Elite cutterbar, which is now available on select Kuhn GMD mowers and FC mower conditioners

Developed in partnership with farmers and tested in fields around the world, the Optidisc Elite cutterbar has the performance to meet today’s demands for high-quality hay, Kuhn says.


With an even lower profile than the original Optidisc cutterbar, performance and reliability features from the earlier design remains.

The low profile of the cutterbar creates a smooth, clean cut with minimal ash incorporation. This is due to a very flat cutterbar angle, even at low cutting heights.

Differential disc spacing utilises narrower spacing at the diverging discs for extra knife overlap, to create a clean cut even when the grass is short or light. Wider spacing of the converging discs provides more space for the crop to pass from the cutting area; improving the cut quality. Free-rotating Fast-Fit knives also help enhance cutting quality and provide longer knife life.

Cutterbar reliability is retained through Kuhn’s patented Protectadrive disc bearing stations. Upon striking a major obstacle, the stations are designed to shear outside the gear case protecting the components inside the cutterbar. The equal sized gears in the cutterbar allow maximum power transfer with even torque loads across the full cutting width. 

Production timing of machines with the new Optidisc Elite cutterbar varies slightly by model series. Currently GMD triple mowers and GMD 11 Series mounted mowers, as well as FC triple mower conditioners are being produced with the new Optidisc Elite cutterbar. GMD TL, FC TL, and FC TC trailed mowers and mower conditioners will be available later next year.

GMD Select and Premium mounted mowers and FC 4 D mounted mower conditioners will retain the 100 Series cutterbar.

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