New NIR On Board sensor for New Holland FR920

The new NIR On Board sensor enables farmers to measure crop nutrients on the go

Earlier this year, New Holland Agriculture extended its forage cruiser range by introducing the FR920. This high-capacity forage cruiser comes with an option of NIP On Board sensor, which will help farmers to easily measure and monitor the crop’s moisture and nutrient parameters.

Product specialist Mark Hansen says the new feature will provide New Holland customers with accurate information on the content of their crop.

“This valuable information translates into excellent traceability, a great advantage for customers when preparing feed with diet mixers for their livestock or for sale,” he says. 

“They will be able to precisely adjust rations according to the data in order to match their nutritionists’ feeding recommendations. As a result, they will provide high-quality feed every day with the consistency that is so important for livestock.”

The data provided by the NIR On Board system is also very valuable for the biogas industry, which uses the exact crop composition to fine tune the biogas production process. The FR920 features a number of other enhancements, such as a powerful new engine and improved feeding.

“With the flagship FR920, we are offering forage harvesting on the largest scale combined with excellent durability resulting from the new heavy-duty drives and processors. The FR920’s productivity and best-in-class chop quality comes with outstanding Total Cost of Ownership.”

The FR920 flagship model also features the all-new FPT Industrial V20 engine, delivering a maximum of 670kW power at 1600 to 1800rpm, and a new heavy-duty four-wheel drive system.

This has been developed to deal with the increased power and traction requirements. It increases the maximum torque transferred to the wheels by 60% compared to the standard four-wheel drive system.

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