New releases from Massey Ferguson

New releases from the Massey Ferguson stable include the 6S, 7S, and 8S tractor ranges that are due to arrive in NZ next season

Despite much of the world being in disarray, those involved in agriculture are doing their best to keep producing and growing. Recent releases and updates from Massey Ferguson show the level of research and development going on behind the scenes, with the launch of its 6S, 7S, and 8S tractor ranges, as well as a new auto control E-loader function. Due to arrive in New Zealand for the 2022 season, Farm Trader’s Chris McCullough managed to report on the new release details.

New Massey Ferguson 6S Series joins the ranks

The new MF 6S range replaces the MF 6700S Series

Following in the footsteps of the MF 5S and 8S tractor ranges, Massey Ferguson has just launched its new 6S and 7S ranges based on a similar modern style.

Essentially replacing the MF 6700S Series, the five new MF 6S models are: MF 6S.135, MF 6S.145, MF 6S.155, MF 6S.165, and the MF 6S.180, with the last three numbers denoting the horsepower of each one.

All MF 6S tractors are powered by the latest technology Agco Power engines, which deliver maximum powers from 135hp to 180hp, with a power boost of between 15hp or 20hp, depending on the model.

Massey says its ‘All-in-One’ SCR system ensures the engines meet the strict Stage V emissions regulations.


MF 6S.180 is the most powerful in the 6S Series at 180hp

Making the 6S tractors move is the seamless shifting from the Dyna-VT Super Eco or the Massey Ferguson Dyna-6 Super-Eco, semi-powershift with AutoDrive.

Both transmissions come with the unique MF Power Control lever on the left-hand side of the steering column, which provides clutchless shuttling, with an adjustable response.

Dyna-VT continuously variable transmissions are now equipped with a new Automatic Mode. Simply activated with a switch on the armrest, auto mode allows the operator to adjust forward speed with the Multipad lever or the foot pedal, while the engine speed is automatically regulated according to the load and speed.

The new Super Eco version of the Dyna-VT reduces fuel consumption by achieving 40km/hr at just 1450rpm.

The Dyna-6 Super Eco 24 x 24 semi-powershift transmission achieves a top speed of 40km/hr at a low 1500rpm and saves fuel.

AutoDrive, standard on all models, automatically shifts speeds relative to the engine load and speed. Operators can also manually set the engine rpm at which changes are made.

Farmers working in specialist crops will welcome is the Super Creeper option, which provides precise control with speeds down to 70m/hr at 1400m/s.

All MF 6S tractors also provide the useful brake-to-neutral function, which also disengages drive when the brakes are applied.

Quieter cab

The MF 6S.145 is a practical tractor for many operations

The MF 6S cab has new air conditioning to keep the cab cooler, while other changes now make it also a quieter (70dBA) workplace. They also have new features, controls, and connectivity, first introduced on the MF 8S.

Operators benefit from a new, more comfortable, standard air-suspended seat. A heated seat option, with real leather trim and improved ventilation, is equipped with DDS, Dynamic Damping System, with lateral stability suspension that responds automatically to the severity of the bumps.

For Exclusive and Efficient versions, there’s also a new armrest, which is linked to the seat, containing everything operators need to operate the engine, transmission, hydraulics, linkage, and PTO as well as switches for the radio and phone.

Further improving comfort is the optional mechanical or active mechanical cab suspension, as well as the suspended front axle option.

Loader operators will welcome the Visio Roof option, which greatly improves vision for handling work, providing a clear view of the load through the lift range.

Single lever control

All main tractor functions are run from a single new Multipad controller

All main tractor functions are run from a single new Multipad, ISOBUS-compatible controller. This easy-to-use lever includes a new linkage control rocker switch, cruise settings, driving mode pre-sets, and MF Guide activation. It also houses a micro joystick to control two electric spool valves.

Another unique, multifunction joystick option offers simple, convenient control of the optional loader or front linkage. This not only operates the spool valves but also enables operators to change direction and control the tractor speed.

Changes to the modern Datatronic 5 terminal include a brighter, new nine-inch touch-screen’s anti-glare surface, and easier access to new short-cut keys.

New for Exclusive and Efficient versions is a new option that enables the radio and mobile phone and play media to be operated through the Datatronic 5 screen.

Also new is the MF E-Loader option that helps to increase loading accuracy, productivity and safety and provides control and setting of the new Bucket Shake facility. This enables operators to weigh individual fork or bucket loads and record the total weights of each item, load, or job and these can be transferred as a simple spreadsheet.

Tech spec

All MF 6S tractors are powered by the latest technology Agco Power engines

Built on strong foundations and a 2.67-metre wheelbase, the MF 6S Series’ compact dimensions make the tractors highly manoeuvrable, with a turning radius of just 4.75 metres.

Weighing 400kg less than their six-cylinder equivalents, coupled with the powerful engines, the tractors offer the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.

They are also immensely strong for their size, able to handle heavy payloads with a Gross Vehicle Weight of up to 12,500kg.

With up to 9600kg rear linkage capacity and powerful, 110 litres per minute closed-centre load-sensing hydraulics, the tractors will handle and operate a wide range of large, modern implements with ease.

For those requiring more flow, there’s a 150 litres per minute option Dyna-6 models, while Dyna-VT tractors, come with a 190 litres per minute option.

Massey Ferguson 6S key features

  • Choice of five, compact, versatile four-cylinder tractors offering concentrated performance.
  • Powerful clean engines delivering 135hp to 180hp. All equipped with Engine Power Management (EPM) providing between 15hp or 20hp extra power, up to 200hp.
  • Operators benefit from superior control first seen on the award-winning MF 8S Series.
  • Easy-to-use new Multipad offers single lever, comprehensive control.
  • New, brighter, and clearer Datatronic 5 touch-screen terminal is now even easier to use.
  • Top choice for all models of Dyna-VT Super Eco continuously variable transmission, with new Automatic Mode or 24 x 24 Dyna-6 Super-Eco, semi-powershift with AutoDrive.
  • Turning radius of 4.75m offers maximum manoeuvrability – the tightest available from any 200hp tractor.
  • Outstanding Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of up to 12,500kg and Gross Combination Weight of 44.5T.
  • Unrivalled loader performance from compact dimensions, tight turning and high specification with practical options and new MF E-Loader feature.

New MF 7S Series fills power gap

The new MF 7S.155 and drill combination at work

Four tractor models ranging from 155hp to 190hp have been launched as the new Massey Ferguson 7S Series.

With the last three numbers identifying the horsepower of each unit, the four models are MF 7S.155, MF 7S.165, MF 7S.180, and MF 7S.190. All also deliver up to an extra 30hp with Engine Power Management (EPM), depending on the model.

With a 2.88-metre wheelbase and six-cylinder, Agco Power 6.6-litre engine, the new tractors form the perfect bridge between the new four-cylinder 135hp-180hp, MF 6S Series and the larger, MF 8S Series, powered by 7.4-litre engines.

Transmission choice

The MF 7S tractors use the Dyna-VT ECO transmission offers seamless shifting and the Super Eco version of the Dyna-VT further improves efficiency by allowing the tractor to achieve 40km/h at just 1450rpm.

Alternatively, for all models up to the 180hp, MF 7S.180, there’s the choice of the Dyna-6 Super Eco 24 x 24 semi-powershift transmission.

Automatic Mode, standard on all Dyna-6 models, automatically shifts speeds relative to the engine load and speed. Operators can also manually set the engine rpm at which changes are made.

Cab comfort

A well-designed cab interior greets the operator

Thanks to a new air conditioning system, the cab is now up to four degrees Celsius cooler than before and features a completely new, high-quality trim with, for Exclusive and Efficient versions, a chrome steering wheel, and black dashboard.

As standard the cab boosts an air-suspended seat. A heated seat option, with improved ventilation, is equipped with the Dynamic Damping System (DDS), which responds automatically to the severity of the bumps with lateral stability suspension.

Outside, an LED light design, along with the bonnet lightbar, produce a bright signature, with the option to fit up to 16 LED work lights. For loader operations, there’s also the option to fit the useful Visio Roof, which provides a great view of load through the whole lift range.

New for Exclusive and Efficient versions is an option that enables the radio and mobile phone and media to be operated through the Datatronic 5 screen, with inputs via Bluetooth, USB, or AUX lead.

Connectivity increases precision

Datatronic 5 not only manages all the tractor functions but, also with ISOBUS connectivity and GPS signal, it runs the MF Technologies’ Precision Farming suite. These include MF Guide, with its fast set-up ‘Go-Mode’ as well as MF Section Control to reduce overlaps and precisely target inputs with variable rate applications using MF Rate Control.

Data gathered and recorded automatically on MF TaskDoc is transferred via USB memory card. The MF Task Doc Pro option allows you to create application plans and wirelessly synchronises with farm management software. MF Telemetry is standard on all MF 7S models

Stable unit

With its 2.88m wheelbase and strong chassis, the MF 7S Series tractors are robust and stable

With its 2.88-metre wheelbase and strong chassis, the MF 7S Series manages a turning radius of just 4.93 metres. Perfectly balanced, they also provide an excellent power to weight ratio and an impressive 44.5-tonne Gross Combination Weight. Three-point linkage lift capacities of 9600kg on the rear and 4000kg up front and up to 14-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) make them ideally suited to operating output boosting front- and rear combinations.

The long wheelbase also helps increase traction and stability, which is further enhanced by specifying up to 42-inch diameter rear tyres, which also help reduce the ground pressure.

New MF 7S Series key features

  • Choice of four strong and agile, high specification tractors offering optimum comfort, control automation and connectivity
  • Powerful, clean 6.6-litre, six-cylinder engines deliver maximum powers from 155hp to 190hp. All generate generous extra power and torque, maintaining productivity in all conditions.
  • Choice of new, improved Dyna-VT Super ECO transmission on all models or efficient, easy to use Dyna-6 Super Eco with Automatic Mode on tractors up to 180hp.
  • High specification as standard, plus choice of Essential, Efficient, Exclusive or Panoramic versions.
  • Modern, cool, and quiet cab offers high levels of comfort and ease of control with new technology coming from the award-winning MF 8S Series.
  • New Multipad provides single lever, comprehensive control, and armrest-mounting on Efficient and Exclusive models.
  • Easy and logical to use, the Datatronic 5 terminal has a new, brighter, and clearer touch-screen with new MF E-loader option.
  • Long, 2.88-metre wheelbase and robust chassis combine strength and stability with optimum manoeuvrability from 4.93-metre turning radius.
  • Designed to handle and haul heavy loads with high-capacity 9600kg rear and 4000kg front linkages.
  • Excellent Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 14 tonnes and Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of up to 44.5 tonnes.
  • Smart, practical neo-retro design provides style with substance

Powerful models added to MF 8S range

Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission is an option on the MF 8S.285

Two new models have been added to the MF 8S range of tractors, pushing the range power over the 300hp benchmark.

Enhancing the existing four model range are the new MF 8S.285 and MF 8S.305 at 285hp and 305hp respectively. 

In the 270hp to 305hp bracket Massey Ferguson now offers a choice of 7.4-litre engine power in the 3.05-metre wheelbase MF 8S, or an 8.4-litre engine in a 3.10-metre wheelbase on the MF 8700 S, all with the option of the Dyna-VT transmission.

MF 8S.305 flagship

The MF 8S.305 pushes the range over 300hp

At 305hp, the MF 8S.305 is the new range flagship, which comes equipped with the Dyna-VT transmission and Massey Ferguson’s ‘Exclusive’ specification as standard.

Maximum power of 305hp is available at 1850rpm, all the time without Engine Power Management (EPM). Thanks to a unique, flat torque curve, its maximum torque of 1280Nm is delivered at engine speeds between 1000rpm to 1500rpm. ‘Exclusive’ specification provides productivity and comfort-enhancing features including Datatronic 5 and MF vDisplay terminals, active cab suspension, automatic air-suspended seat with dual motion Dynamic Damping System, Multifunction armrest and Multipad controls, four electric spool valves and 16 LED working lights.

The Massey Ferguson Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission (CVT) is standard on the MF 8S.305 and an option on all other models.

A new Automatic Mode allows operators to use the Multipad lever or foot pedal to alter forward speed, while it automatically sets the optimum engine rpm according to the load and speed.

The Super Eco version of Dyna-VT delivers high efficiency, enabling the tractor to achieve a top speed of 40km/h at just 1450rpm.

All MF 8S Dyna-VT tractors also come equipped, as standard, with ‘Exclusive’ specification package and a larger fuel tank, offering higher capacity on the top model for long working days.

Transmission choice

The other new model is 285hp

The new MF 8S.285 delivers a maximum power of 285hp, with a 20hp boost from Engine Power Management (EPM) taking this up to 305hp for specific tasks including transport, PTO work, and to meet high hydraulic demands.

It’s available with a choice of Efficient or Exclusive specification packages to suit all operations, applications, and investment levels.

MF 8S models from the MF 8S.285 down to the MF 8S.205 can be specified with either the new Dyna-VT Super ECO, latest Dyna E-Power Dual Clutch or Dyna-7 semi-powershift transmissions.

Dyna E-Power Dual Clutch provides a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds with optimum efficiency to deliver best in class fuel economy, along with the comfort of seamless shifting while transmitting maximum power to the ground.

By also, uniquely, employing the Dual Clutch technology on the ranges it provides the efficiency benefits of a fully mechanical powershift without any torque interruption. This reduces power loss by up to 26% at higher speeds, delivering fuel savings up to five percent.

Alternatively, Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-7 semi-powershift transmission provides straightforward and efficient operation of a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds in four ranges and seven seamless gears.

New auto control E-Loader function

Touchscreen weighing is made easier now

Massey Ferguson operators who use a tractor loader combination have now got access to a new tool that can help boost their work.

With the aid of the new MF E-Loader auto-control function, operators can increase their loading efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and safety on front loader applications.

Easily operated through the Datatronic 5 touchscreen, MF E-Loader enables operators to monitor the loader functions, weigh individual loads, automate the grapple operation as well as set up and save automatic sequences for different loading cycles.

Operators can also use MF E-Loader to pre-set upper and lower lift limits and set angles for the attachment operation.

Automatic weighing

Weights in the trailer are accurately calculated

Automatic weighing, on the move, brings added precision to a range of work from filling feeder wagons to logging bale weights. It’s also useful for accurately recording the weight of bulk produce that is either being sold off-farm or being bought-in, automatically weighing and recording each item, load, or job.

When filling a feeder, for example, operators can set the target and set it to count down and sound an alert when this close to being reached. Weights can be recorded individually, as separate loads or daily totals.

Up to 20 different counter memories and implement settings can be saved to easily recall preferred user settings. Data can be exported in a USB stick as a CSV file, as a simple spreadsheet, to keep track of every single activity the loader performs.

As well as activating the new Bucket Shake option, MF E-Loader also allows operators to adjust the hydraulic flow and choose the positions, either pre-set, manual or with float.

Repetitive loading cycles can be simplified with easy to set automation. Operators can pre-set upper and lower limits for lifting and lowering implements as well as the bucket/fork position. It also automates the bucket inclination auto-tilt and auto-dump, along with a grab, combining the functions so the grab opens and closes with loader movements.

“Massey Ferguson E-Loader takes loading operations to the next level of ease of use, precision and performance,” says MF vice president Thierry Lhotte.

“It joins a range of smart, clever, and unique features on Massey Ferguson tractors that are specifically designed to enhance loader performance.

“On top of superb manoeuvrability, there’s excellent visibility over the slim, low bonnet, while the Visio Roof improves the view of the load through the lift range.

“High hydraulic output options speed-up operations while shuttle transmissions, brake-to-neutral and a dedicated multi-function joystick also make Massey Ferguson the natural choice for materials handling,” he says.

Many tractor models are now also available with a fully integrated and factory-fitted loader subframe. Designed for maximum manoeuvrability and maintenance access, it forms a perfect combination, becoming an integral part of the tractor.

Selected models are also available from the factory complete with subframe with the MF FL loader ready-mounted.

MF E-Loader is available now for the new MF 5S, MF 6S, and MF 7S and, from April 2022, the MF 8S.

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