New Vredo DZ5 series

Vredo’s new DZ5 platform forms a basis for newly developed, innovative machines that offer a solution to anyone who needs to (re)seed grass or flower mixtures professionally in the Fine Turf sector


This platform will be continuously filled, whereby upon completion, Vredo will be a Full-Line supplier for end users and dealers when it comes to seeding technology.

Synergy compact

Where the Vredo Double Disc system is used, grass grows. Because the grass seed has perfect soil contact, thanks to the trapping effect, beautiful stripes are soon distinctively visible.

New seedlings need a certain time before the rows have grown dense through outgrowth.

This can also be seen on completely bare fields, which have been treated beforehand according to “the Dutch Method” (Fieldtopmaker, recyclingdresser, sweeping). In order to accelerate the seeding process, a second machine is used to sow broadly between the rows in several passes. This wastes a lot of time, and the germination rate is far from optimal. With the new Vredo Synergy Compact, this time is saved and significantly increases the germination rate of the broadly sown seed.


Vredo offers a comprehensive, innovative solution for the above challenge. The Vredo Synergy compact has the advantages of the Double Disc System with a 70mm driving position combined with a distinctive ‘Stitch roller’. It has flat tines instead of the commonly used conical ones. In the resulting short cuts with a distance of 23mm, the seed is truly enclosed in the soil. This achieves the same germination results as the seed is inserted into the soil with the double discs. The short distance and spread of the seedlings result in a fantastic homogeneous growth pattern, the manufacturer says.

The machine displayed a number of advantages when used at several clubs. In golf, the Synergy compact maintains stability on the tees and greens and a light germinator such as Agrostis/ostrich grass germinates well. In football, plantain rosettes are hit extra hard by the teeth of the Stitch roller and meadow fescue seems to show a higher germination percentage.


The new Synergy compact is recommended for
cross-seeding only once, with a maximum grass growth distance of 11 mm. The Synergy Compact, therefore, provides the certainty of a full, uniform grass surface that is ready for use in no time at all, and completely eliminates the need for a second machine.

The Synergy compact is ideal for milled and seeded fields, hybrid fields, and for field managers who want to seed successfully in the playing season but need to maintain full stability in the turf.

The Synergy compact is available in working widths of 100, 140, 180, and 220cm. The three broadest machines can be delivered in a three-point version as well as in a trailed version.

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