Fast Fencing

Fast Fencing
Fast Fencing

With the ability to place up to 750m of silt fence in an hour, the silt fence plough has revolutionised the US market, and is now available in Australia and in New Zealand.

The silt fence plough uses both a spring-loaded disc and a vertical knife to open the ground and install geofabric silt fence, while causing minimal soil disruption.

Combining speed with versatility, the silt fence plough can be used with several different machines. A tractor developing as little as 30kW can operate the machine using a three-point linkage with a hydraulic top link. Alternatively, a skid steer can be fitted with an adaptor plate to accept the unit.
Fed from an overhead roller with a 500m capacity, the fabric runs between two plates and down into the ground slot carved by the knife as the plough proceeds. The user can insert as little as 15cm, or as much as 45cm of fabric into the ground. Compaction of the ground using the tractor wheel is recommended after geofabric placement.

Designed to pivot for easier turning, the machine will continue to lay fabric as sharply as the tractor turns.

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