Preview: new 2015 Case IH Magnum

Case IH is launching a new Magnum tractor in 2015, featuring both powershift and CVT versions up to 380 rated (435 boosted) engine horsepower. Here's an overview of some of the changes.

2015_Case _IH


The Cursor 9 8.7L engine from FPT gets further improved performance characteristics and boosted power curves in the 2015 models.

The boosted and unboosted horsepower curves are now parallel throughout the engine rpm range. A flatter torque curve at a wider and lower range of engine speeds has also been achieved by raising the cylinder pressure and using a higher rail pressure compared to earlier models.

The Magnum 340 will also now employ an electronically controlled variable geometry turbo to the same effect. This is all achieved while still retaining the best in class engine oil change interval of 600 hours.


The Magnum has pulled out all the stops with its five point suspension package. Front-axle suspension with 100mm of travel for keeping all your tyres on the ground is crucial for stability and efficient performance of your tractor.

The cab suspension reduces vibration and stabilises the cab front-to-back as well as up-and-down. A semi active seat automatically controls the damping of the seat inside the cab. Suspension is provided when carrying implements on the road by a ride accumulator for the front linkage and automatically on the rear linkage.


The new Magnum range offers a various transmission options, including full powershift and CVT in both 40kph ECO and 50kph versions. With efficiency in mind, the Magnum CVT transmission has four mechanical ranges, providing more mechanical efficiency than other transmissions with fewer ranges.

The Magnum includes automatic productivity management (APM) used on other Case IH CVT tractors, and the dual hand throttle enabling the operator to independently set minimum and maximum engine speeds.

The Magnum CVT transmission is easy to use with seamless power transfer from 0 – 50 kph without the need for a lever or switch. It also features active hold control and headland management control (HMC).

The CVT transmission software upgrade allows for faster and smoother shuttling between forward and reverse, allowing the operator to keep the tractor in first range when reversing, allowing a quicker shuttle back to the forward gear.

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)

Case IH recognises that, of course, precision farming is important for anyone who owns a tractor of this size. With that in mind, under the "AFS" banner the Magnum is available with the integrated AccuGuide automated guidance solution. This takes the correction information from the 372 antenna compatible with both GLONASS/GPS satellite systems.

The 372 antenna includes xFill technology which improves reliability with an automatic backup for up to 20 minutes if the RTK signal is lost.

AFS Connect Telematics is available as an optional kit and uses a combination of global positioning system and cellular technology to send and receive machine, agronomic and job-site information.

The new 2015 Magnum is set to be released later in 2015. Case IH is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.

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