An extra $20,000 from Pink Bales supports breast cancer

By: Heidi Wood

NZ agricultural crop packaging company is wrapped up to help Sweet Louise charity company with a generous donation to help beat breast cancer

Women and men living with incurable breast cancer can turn to Sweet Louise, New Zealand’s only charity solely dedicated to supporting them.

Farmers -wrapped -to -help -charity

A cheque for $20,000 from NZ agricultural crop packaging company, Agpac as part of their Pink Bales initiative, is helping the charity out big time.

Agpac designed the concept of the pink bales to support Sweet Louise, a contribution made up from Agpac and the premium that farmers choose to pay to purchase the pink rather than traditional green or white bale wrap.

From farms from Cape Reinga in the Far North through to Bluff in Southland, kiwis can see these pink bales from the roadside.

In its third year, The Pink Bales campaign  has raised over $68,000 in addition to the $20,000 cheque, for the Sweet Louise charity.

Fiona Hatton, CEO of Sweet Louise, is delighted with the support from the rural sector, stating the charity relies soley on donations and the extra $20,000 makes a world of difference. Money raised by Agpac and the farming clients go a long way in the expense fund for a additional qualified Support Coordinator. 

Fiona says this role is to liaise with 550 members nationwide, who will help get to know families and individuals needs, and better their services when supporting them.

"Examples of support offered to members includes assistance with childcare, housecleaning, gardening, massages, mastectomy underwear, wigs and much more."

Agpac, General Manager, Chris Dawson said that although asking for farmers to pay extra for silage bales is a big ask, he was touched by the response of generosity from the farming community which now allows Sweet Louise to continue its incredible work in supporting kiwi families.

Breast cancer statistics in New Zealand

Every year 3000 New Zealanders are diagonised with breast cancer. 15-20% of these develop incurable cancer. 600 kiwis die from this cancer every year.

90% of these people are reached by Sweet Louise, a company that relies solely on donations.

Over 570 Sweet Louise members help these New Zealander's with everything from facilitation of local networking groups through to vouchers for mastectomy underwear, wigs, housecleaning, babysitting, gardening, groceries or whatever is needed by that family.

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