Dairy Academy offers fast track to employment

With a proven record of getting graduates into jobs, two $5000 scholarships will help secure two students their dream jobs

The Central North Island Dairy Academy is offering two $5000 scholarships for its 2018 Diploma in Agriculture programme. General manager Dave Horner says the academy has a proven record of getting graduates into jobs.

"Last year we had 100% of our students find employment and many secured their dream jobs. Students don’t just graduate with a diploma but are also helped to develop leadership and analytics skills, which gives them an extra edge in the employment market."

The Dairy Academy is a partnership with the Theland Farm group and provides the best applied vocational training the dairy industry has to offer.

"We already have a list of employers ready to hire graduates from the latest programme so that means many graduates can choose the job they want from what’s on offer," Dave says. Academy graduate Jeremy Packard is a perfect example of the type of top-class student that graduates from the academy.

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Jeremy, who is only 20, and now sole manager of a high-performing herd of 260 split calving cows, owned by Dairy CHB in the Central Hawke’s Bay, started his tertiary education at Taratahi in the Wairarapa. Jeremy was set on learning as much as he could about dairying, so he applied and was accepted into the Dairy Academy programme.

"It was fantastic. We had access to a wide range of top farms and management systems, and the tutors were really supportive and knowledgeable," Jeremy says.

It wasn’t a case of then going looking for a job after he finished his diploma. "I got offered this job with Dairy CHB, and it’s pretty much everything I wanted. You can earn really good money – anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 a year in your first year. It’s a great lifestyle option that is rewarding and pays well. I see the future for dairying as largely positive. There is quite a move to lower inputs and better environmental management and that’s great for the industry and the country and it feels good to be part of that."

2018 Diplima in Agriculture course information

  • Based near Taupo, the academy is offering two $5000 scholarships for 2018. 
  • Start date: February 2018 
  • Cost: $5572 
  • Duration: 32 weeks, full-time
  • What’s included: Food and accommodation, transport, and travel, extra professional development, textbooks, and learning materials and field trips provided. 
  • Benefits: Free, 100% employment rate for 2016 graduates

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