Fendt 942 wins Tractor of the Year award

The new Fendt 900 Gen 6 continues to impress, adding to its accolades the prestigious Tractor of the Year award at Agritechnica for the 942 model

Praised for its connectivity, which enables fleet management and machine optimisation, the combination of the newly developed MAN engine and the low-speed Fendt iD concept (allowing for maximum torque and minimum fuel consumption) were also recognised.


"We are incredibly proud of this achievement, to be recognised by such a well-respected and prestigious show reflects the outstanding engineering that was put into the development of this new generation of Fendt 900 tractors" says Donny Cloney, product manager for Fendt, Australia and New Zealand.

The Fendt 900 Gen 6 has been showcasing its impressive performance via a demonstration programme conducted across the country, with the first model currently touring New Zealand.

"These demonstration programmes give us the best opportunity to show the potential of the range. There’s nothing quite like taking a machine of this calibre out into the field and seeing the performance, efficiency and cost savings that this range delivers" Cloney explains.


The Fendt 900 Gen 6 features an all-new MAN six-cylinder engine with a cubic capacity of nine litres and VTG turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. For the first time, the Fendt 900 Gen 6 comes equipped with Fendt iD low speed concept, which is geared towards high power reserves.

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