Vaderstad opens high tech lab

Väderstad has opened a new high tech material lab as it continues striving to innovate and develop fresh ideas for wear parts


Despite a challenging year globally for machinery manufacturers, Väderstad ended 2020 by opening a new high technology material lab in Överum.

"With this venture, we will consolidate our position as a world-leading manufacturer of wear parts," says Dan Somlin, CEO of Väderstad Components.


At Väderstad Components factory in Överum, about 50 employees and 40 robots are working to manufacture wear parts that can be found in Väderstad’s agricultural machinery.

"Now they are joined by Väderstad’s new Materials Technology Lab where we will be able to perform unique tests in search of the absolute best mechanical properties of a material for Väderstad’s wear parts."

To run the lab, Väderstad recruited Anders Petersson, who’s a metallurgist and materials scientist. Metallurgy is the doctrine of the production and properties of metals. There are several different parameters to consider when producing the best material for Väderstad’s wear parts.


"You obviously want a hardness in the material that creates durability, but you also don’t want the material to be too hard. If it’s too hard, it becomes easily brittle and can crack when used in our machines. It’s a balance between hardness and elasticity," says Anders.

"Since Väderstad’s products are used all over the world, we also have to take into account that the composition of the soil is different in different countries and produce a wear part in a material that works as well as possible in different conditions.


"We are very proud of this investment, to have a development laboratory alongside our production in Överum will, in the long run, generate even better production, which, in turn, will create growth and new jobs," says Dan.

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