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Goldacres new Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayer is set to begin production later this year and boasts a totally new design from the Australian manufacturer

The Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayer is designed with efficiency in mind

Set to begin production in earnest later this year, Goldacres says its Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayer is designed with efficiency in mind.

Since its release in 2015, the Prairie Pro has been the Australian manufacturer’s flagship trailing model, but the Series 2 will boast a totally new design.

The layout and tech package has been lifted directly from Goldacres’ recently released G6 Series 2 crop cruiser self-propelled sprayer.

Goldacres’ philosophy behind the new model was to create a machine that was more efficient to use, with quicker, higher-capacity filling systems, larger boom plumbing to allow for higher flow rates, and increased pneumatic systems to cater for more accurate spraying systems.

It has meant most of the features already found on the G6 Series 2 self-propelled machine are now offered with the added convenience of a trailing sprayer.

The Series 2 will boast a totally new design

Goldacres’ Prairie Pro range now includes the 10,000-litre version, which is available with either a 36-metre RivX boom or the tri-folding 48-metre Tritech V series boom.

A broader range is currently under construction with other tank sizes, including 5000, 6500, and 8500 litres due for release early this year.

A totally new chassis design has been developed for the Prairie Pro 2. This features an adjustable height pull that’s narrower and allows for much sharper turning.

Possibly the biggest advance with the new model is the changes to its sprayer fill and cleaning functions, which are now controlled via the G-Hub External display control panel.

The G-Hub features a full colour 12.5cm screen and button panel, which means all fill and clean functions are controlled with the push of a button.

Operators can simply enter the desired tank volume and connect the fill hose, and the G-Hub system will automatically shut off when fill volume is met.

In addition, the G-Hub system also manages all liquid control valves, which operate all chemical induction, agitation, and cleaning functions.


A Raven RCM ISOBUS controller allows up to 16 boom sections as well as communication with the G-Hub controller.

Booms can be plumbed in 10 sections using new compact MAC electric valves, and a 16-section control is available with a direct master configuration.

The fully riveted RivX boom is now fitted to the Prairie Pro Series 2 in sizes between 24 and 36 metres, while the 48-metre version features the tri-folding TriTech V series boom.

The outer wings are aluminium and feature no welding, while the inner and outer wings are fully symmetrical and therefore interchangeable.

The fold system uses hydraulics and links but, unlike most other booms, the hydraulic fold cylinder is retracted when the boom is fully open, as this is when the hydraulic cylinder is at its strongest position, and there’s no risk of bending a cylinder rod.

Booms also have an auto fold system, which is controlled through the G-Hub system.

The 48-metre TriTech V boom is built with productivity and efficiency in mind with a tri-folding design that can operate at 48-, 36-, and 20-metre spray widths.

Production of the Prairie Pro Series 2 is set to commence midyear with these new models scheduled to appear at Australian field days this year.  

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